Friday, July 10, 2009

Why does our GHOW hate Jim McCormac??

Most education programs I do for RAPTOR, Inc are fun. Schools, churches, Cub Scout meetings.
Some programs, however, get me jazzed for weeks at a time. Yesterday's program was one of those.
I got an email from Jim McCormac a while back, asking if I would be interested in coming up to Columbus to do a program for the ODNR's Take A Child To Work Day.
Would I be interested? In doing a program? At the O D N R ???????
(I liken this to a Catholic being asked to come visit the Pope.)

Yeah. Whatev. I'll do it, I said. (Gotta maintain some coolness.)

Jim informed me that all of the kids had signed up for my show.
Seventy-five kids and their parents. We were a bit crowded, but everyone got up close and personal with our birds.

(all photos by Jim McCormac, because I can never take pictures of myself while doing programs...and get this; Jim was sweet enough to go up to his office after my program and burn these onto a CD for me to take home. What a nice guy.)

Angel the Screech Owl always elicits the same response..."Awwwww!!"
(She also caught the eye of some songbirds in the trees.)

Susan Williams, Raptor Inc, ODNR, July 9, 2009 (12)
Lucy the Peregrine Falcon always elicits the same response... "Cooooollll!"

ODNR 4 (2)
Storm the Barn Owl always elicits the same response...."Aiiiii! (with hands over ears)"

And Sylvester the Great Horned Owl just stuns everyone with his mighty, bad-ass self.

Side note: Sylvester always seems to lock onto one person in a crowd and follow them with his gaze...not sure what is going on with that.
But yesterday, his disapproval was aimed squarely at Jim. Like he knew Jim was reason we had to travel so far.
(You can't see it in any of the photos, but I am sporting more band-aids on my bird handling arm. I really wanted to take Isis with me yesterday, but she really, really, really didn't want to go to Columbus. Sank her talons into my forearm, through my GLOVE...I bled all over the place...and I was so fed up with her, I let her win that battle. I truly need some real handling gloves. That's two bad talon-episodes in a month. Saving my pennies...)

The kids got a real kick out of the birds (some kids asked me to come back next year!), and I think the adults did, too. I just felt so lucky to be there, presenting to the people that manage all those wonderful outdoor activities we all enjoy.
(While perusing their website, I came across this....I would love doing that!)

Thanks, Jim...for the photos, for asking me to be a part of your day....for everything!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

What I wouldn't give to see you do one of your programs. It's on my "must see" list!

Susan Gets Native said...

We will get you here someday, dearie.....
I would LOVE to show all my Flock peeps what I do for a living.

Kelly said... are just too cool. Look at how all those kids are staring at you, hanging on your every word no doubt as they watch the birds. I bet you will have inspired a few of those kids to go the route of a naturalist.

Stacy said...

Are you kidding??? You volunteer to show the birds & they don't provide the gloves??? What does a good pair of those cost anyway? They look like big welding gloves.

Gallicissa said...

To me Sylvester looks the coolest.

Heather said...

That's too cool Susan. Looks like the kids were really into it. Isn't Jim just the nicest guy? Oh, and you should TOTALLY check out the Becoming an Outdoors Woman thing some year. I went a few years ago and had a blast, and then went to a very similar program the next year (this time hosted by the National Wild Turkey Federation), and had a blast there, too. You would love it! If you think you might want to do it this year, I recommend signing up now, because it fills up FAST. Registration opened up a few weeks ago, and it will probably be booked soon.

Beth said...

Wow, the GHOW is really giving Jim the stink-eye! And you should definitely do the Ohio Outdoor Woman thing. Just think of the blogging possibilities! At the next Flock meeting, we will pass the hat to help you get new gloves, you poor mutilated thing.


Susan Gets Native said...

Kids do seem to really get into it...because how often do we get to be that close to real owls and falcons and hawks?
That was a great group of kids...their parents work at the ODNR, so it was like preachin' to the choir, so to speak.

Actually, I am a "sub-contractor" for RAPTOR, not a volunteer. The pair of gloves I have my eye on run about $100. When I can, they will be MINE. And yes...I am wearing welding gloves. They work for all the birds except for the red-tails.

Jim is very cool. I tried not to geek out too much. Don't want him to get all cocky or anything. :) If I can do the Outdoors thing, it will be HIGHLY blog-worthy.

You're a sweetie. Mutilated...yep, that's me. My arms are starting to make me look like a heroin addict.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yes. Sylvester is the coolest. And he knows it.

NatureWoman said...

These are the best photos of you and the birds, Susan! I would love to see one of your programs!

LauraHinNJ said...

Hey! Bring your traveling bird-circus to NJ!

Anonymous said...

A very nice way to introduce youngsters and oldsters to birding. Nice photos too.

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Kyle said...

Beth said: "Wow, the GHOW is really giving Jim the stink-eye!"

Heh. That was my initial reaction to this shot when I first saw it on Flickr, almost to the word! (I didn't know who was taking the picture, but I was glad it wasn't me!)

Wonderful shots of you and the birds, Susan. I'd love to see your program some day... any chance you'd bring it on a road-trip down to Texas some time? ;-)