Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pass me that bottle, Wine Hag

One of our favorite Flock members happens to work part-time at a winery. Kathi brought...oh, 37 bottles...of wine to the New River Bird and Nature Festival a few months ago, and we are still reeling.

Harmony Hill Winery was open for business on this day of Independence, so we met there to taste some wine and join in some general frivolity.

*By the way, I think this is one of my favorite holidays. As a tiny English colony, we were sick and tired of taking crap from The Man, so we did something about it. Rock on, America.*

Sign 2


I like these people.

Here's Kathi the Wine Hag, doing her thing:
Kathi wine hag
She knows I detest dry wine, so she found me some uber-yummy peach stuff.

It was goood.

And since it's all about the blog, I had to take pictures of everything....
Wine glasses and Donald
And there's Donald! Glad he showed up...added some testosterone to our girly giggling.

Kathi provided the wine, I provided the cheese and crackers:
Cheese tray
Helped to soak up the wine I ingested...about half a glass too much.

Rainbow umbrella
It rained the whole time...I said to Kathi, "Feels like we are back in West Virginia."
The umbrella had a leak. I am soggy.

Kathi brought one of her sweet dogs....Holly. We love Kathi's dogs...they have manners.
(Don't tell Kathi...but every time she got up to get something, I slipped some cheese and pepperoni to Holly. But Kathi will find out anyway, when Holly barfs it all up on the carpet tonight.)

Mama give me cheese
"Mama. Give me cheese?"

If you noticed Kathi's necklace...that's one of the gifts lovingly packed and shipped all the way from Peru to the Flock in West Virginia by another blogger....Mel.
Hi, Mel! We love you!

Now, I'm not a wine-drinker, really. Give me a beer, or if I am feeling saucy, an Amaretto Sour. But knowing Kathi has opened up new experiences for me. I spent a lovely, wet afternoon sipping wine and laughing with friends.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BLOG. The Blog is powerful. The Blog is good.


KGMom said...

All Hail to the Blog.
(In the spirit of your closing!)

And, I like the job title Wine Hag.
I fear, however, that you need to move beyond your love of sweet wines. A true oenophile appreciates dry.
But, you do have to start somewhere.

Susan Gets Native said...

Dry wine. Bleh.
I don't think I wanna be an oenophile. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

Napa... 5 miles. Guess what I'm going to do tomorrow...

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

sniff...this post makes me miss you guys...sniff...

Really. I'm having a miss the Flock moment.

KatDoc said...

Lynne, we were missing you, too. And Beth, and Laura, and all the other Flockers.

I can't do really dry wine. Our "Woodwind" is a Chardonnay-like Seyval Blanc and I can't drink it. Too oaky. But, semi-dry (or off-dry) is fine by me. It is all about what you like, not what somebody tells you is "good."

That peach dessert wine is not only sweeter than the table wines, it has 3x the alcohol. Susan is many things, but stupid she is not. Why drink 3 glasses when you can get blitzed on one?


Holly-the-dog said...


Thank you, Miss Susan!

NatureWoman said...

Mmmm, peach wine, sounds good!! And yup, it is all about the blog! Except my blog is in a sad state right now!

KGMom said...

Oh, now you have me chuckling. I get it--being a oenophile is not the point. Enjoying the buzz is. I relent.
And I love Holly the dog. What a beauty. Those eyes!

MObugs said...

Susan you're the greatest. I'm with you on the whole dry wine thing BLEH! is right. I tried a new wine myself yesterday while we celebrated the was a lovely peach/ orange combo that was quite refreshing as we watched the rain pouring down on our celebrations, and Amaretto Sours rock!!!

Susan Gets Native said...

We miss you too, Linnee-Lou.

Susan is smart. Susan gets as much bang for her buck as possible.

Sorry baby. I'll bring the carpet cleaner...

Oh, yeah. You DO have a blog, right???


Amaretto Sours....want one right NOW.

dAwN said...

Oh You are right its all about the Blog! and of course the wine..and the friends...and havin a good time!
Take care..catcha on facebook!

NCmountainwoman said...

Ah, my wine drinking days are over for a while so you'll have to have an extra glass for me.

I'm just catching up on blogs and I LOVED your note about the tooth fairy. You really are a five-star mother!

Julie Zickefoose said...

The photo of KatDoc pouring wine, on my old 'puter monitor, looks like she has this big fluffy ponytail. Which is actually a woman, standing behind her. Never mind. Anyway, it is a lovely photo and I think it is time for a major hair extension for our favorite veterinarian. Or perhaps she could get that woman to stand behind her whenever someone points a camera at her.

Narf, narf.

I am still saving the chambourd from Harmony Hill for a special occasion, I know not what.

-taking a gulp of Bordeaux-


Susan Gets Native said...

Dawn: Ah, the blog. It has taken over my life. In a good way.

Julie: I nearly spit out my Coke when I looked at that photo and saw that you are right!
Let's extensions, a push-up bra and some Lee Press-On nails and we will make a hoochie-mama outta Kathi!

*sneaking towards Kathi with my make up bag*

KatDoc said...

Oh, yeah - it does look like I have long hair. You know, I have always wanted to grow my hair long, but being so thick and naturally curly (she brags) it doesn't grow down, it grows OUT. Not a pretty sight.

Lee press-on nails: No good with pottery. Or surgery. Or digital exams of certain parts of dog anatomy.

Make-up: Yeah, I probably should wear it when out in public. Just too much effort for me.

As for push-up bra, don't you think there is enough going on there already? (albeit heading south)

~Kathi, thanking Susan and Julie for the virtual make-over Now, if they could only do something about my wardrobe ...

Kathiesbirds said...

You two are having too much fun without me! I want to do some wine tasting! And yes, good blog! Good bloggers. I miss The Flock!