Saturday, July 25, 2009

I met a celebrity today!

It's not every day you get to meet someone you have only read about. I met someone today...someone who is unlike anyone else I have ever met.

But you have to wait until the end. Read on.

Today's program was for the Midwest Native Plant Conference in Dayton, Ohio.
A native plant thing? I was so there.
Sylvester blends into the decor
Sylvester disapproved of the decor. But he blended in nicely.
(I put him by the fake tree on purpose)

Also in attendence was Lucy the Peregrine (on the right) and Angle the Screech Owl (on the table in front)
*You will notice that I placed the screech owl in front of our display so she couldn't see the GHOW. We don't want a screech owl stroke.*

Non-birders: Screech owls are FOOD for GHOW in the wild. She did catch a glimpse of him while I was holding her, and her pupils dilated so much I thought she might faint. :)
Lucy's perch is so low, I placed her on two chairs so the public could see her.

And though I carefully placed paper towels under her, she sprayed the chairs anyway.
Wonder if the hotel will ask us back after that?

I talked to many excited, interested people today...even a few who recognized me from the RAPTOR newsletter and my blog. Why do I cringe when someone says they read my blog?
Low self-esteem? Unsure of how people take me?

Anyhoo. On to the Celebrity.

I first read about this gorgeous and unique creature here on Jim's blog.
*Go read his account of this fantastic thing.

He does a way better job of describing it, what with all the "radically awesomes" and "pinkiliciousness's".

The Famous Pink Katydid
Yep. That's a PINK katydid.
Non-nature peeps: Katydids are supposed to be GREEN. This is a one-in-a-million bug.
And even better...I got to keep her on my display table. Made us quite popular.

I couldn't help but think of this scene from the musical "Wicked".
A pretty, popular girl in PINK, talking to a drab, unpopular girl who is GREEN:


KGMom said...

You are kidding me--a pink bug? That's a first for me.
Love them raptors. I would so enjoy being up close and personal with those birds. Well, maybe not personal, but up close.

dAwN said...

Love that pink katydid..I have been hearing about it all week! Wish i could have seen it..and lucky u got to spend the day with it!
Did u get an autograph?
I featured that beauty in my 2nd Dawns Blogaholic weekly reader today.
Dont know if you saw..but last week I featured one of your posts in the weekly reader.
So cool u got to see this pink beauty!

Susan Ellis said...

LOVE the link to Wicked!and the pink katydid is perfectly popular too... Well done!

NatureWoman said...

OMG this pink insect is soooo cool! I've never heard of this!
Love your RAPTOR setup!

Mary said...

I want to sign up as your assistant right now. I'd clean the chairs do all the grunt work. Load and unload the bewds, take pics, while you charm the public.

Catching up - I want that Pileated...

You are too cool, Susan.


Dave said...

Funny, I think Sylvester is the cool one. Sitting there putting up with the made up tree and spectators.

Mel said...

WOW! That is cool!!
Love your raptors too ;)