Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Feathers...with full disgruntlement

We have been very lucky this summer to be able to enjoy cooler than normal temps.
Yesterday was an exception. Hot and humid.

You know, everyone enjoys a nice misting of cool water on a hot Summer day....
Macro kestrel mist

Steel the Kestrel misted
"Thank you. This is quite refreshing. I could sit here all day and let you do that."

....even if they would rather DIE than let you know they appreciate it:
"No. I am NOT enjoying this. I hate to get wet. This is unpleasant. That stuff is all over me.....
...(stretching foot toward me) missed a spot."


KGMom said...

You know, girl, you are SO lucky to get to work up close with such magnificent creatures even if they are ungrateful.

Susan Gets Native said...

I love my birds more than I ever thought I would.

And they really couldn't care less.

LauraHinNJ said...

Love that kestral's spots!

Susan Gets Native said...

Isn't he cute???
And our third oldest bird...he came in as an adult in 2000, so he is at least 10 years old!
Sweet little spaz.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

LOL! You got me grinning with this post.
Lovely birds.
I like the bigger pix too!

Amy said...

I love love love these photos and the commentary from the birds is hilarious. Steel is so handsome!

Beth said...

hee,hee. Love this post.

Beth (Elmo)

Susan Gets Native said...

I wanted everyone to be able to see the water droplets on their pretty feathers. Glad I got you grinning!

Isn't he, though? A little spaz, but gorgeous.


MObugs said...

Susan thank you so much for the grin in an otherwise Blah day! I loved it!

NatureWoman said...

Your birds are fortunate to have you help them stay cool, Susan! You totally rock!

dAwN said...

Susan thanks for those beautiful water droplet feather big bad bird photos! You are such a great friend to our fine feathered friends!

Mary said...

Missed this one. I love owl talk. Funny!