Saturday, June 27, 2009

Purple skies, cussing songbirds and Ode to Farrah

Quick and dirty post tonight...have to get to bed early. Bird banding at 7 am!

The sky was a lovely shade of purple last night, cradling a crescent moon:

While blow-drying Lorelei's hair, we decided to make an "Ode to Farrah" hairstyle:
Lorelei's Ode To Farrah

While at RAPTOR today, I heard a bunch of robins and blue jays cussing at something in the woods behind the barn. I grabbed my camera, in case it was an owl....
It was TWO barred owls...
Barred owl number 1:

...and barred owl number 2:

It all happened rather just one photo of barred owl number 2 before it dashed off further into the woods, with the robins and blue jays hot on its tail!


Mary said...

Ooops. The Barred Owl action was fast and I missed it.

Lorelei looks marvelous in her Farrah-doo! Didn't we all want to look like her?

Hasn't this been a week? Michael's death is getting complicated but HE was complicated...

Enjoy your banding!

KGMom said...

Lorelei and Farrah-doo (love it, Mary)--will Lorelei now want fancy blow-dried hair every day?

NatureWoman said...

Ohhh, I love that sky photo. And Lorelei's ode to Farrah (sniff)! I remember when we all had to have the Farrah-doo.

BANJO52 said...

So robins and jays are NOT too big for owls to take on? I'm a beginner.