Sunday, June 14, 2009

I used to be cute.

Lorelei and Isabelle really wanted to see what I looked like when I was a kid. While at Mom's, we looked through some old photo albums...and I took pictures of pictures.

Sorry for the lousy quality. Mom doesn't have a scanner.

My shirt says, "Where in the world is Bright, Indiana?"
It's so small, WE didn't even know where it was.
And check out my groovy bell bottoms with the totally cool cross-stitching.
I was blond once. But I was smart. And cute!

The happy family at a wedding.
Dad very rarely wore a suit.
Maybe that's why someone took a picture.

The first wedding I was cousin Sue's.
The colors were peach and brown.
It was the Seventies.
My Grandma made that dress and headband. I felt so grown up. I was 5.
And my brother was practicing for a career as a mortician.
Check out the ruffled TUX. Steve was smokin'!!!!

I think there are still pieces of this tea set somewhere at Mom's house....
I was so excited!
Jeez, was I really a girly-girl?
Check the tooth missing....a friend of my brother's had pushed me down a full flight of wooden stairs and I had to have a baby tooth pulled. Loser.
But look how cute I was!

Catching my first fish....if you can't see it, it's that tiny, fish-shaped thing in the bottom right corner.
I was rather proud of myself.
But I didn't want to touch it, so my Dad had to take it off the hook for me.
(And more bell bottoms. The Seventies were ugly. But I was cute!)

Anyone think that Lorelei kind of looks like me?
I may have been cute, but she has me beat, I think.
(Isabelle refused to stand still for a photo...but there's a lot of me there, too.)

So I wasn't always a snarky, dye-haired obnoxious old broad.
Once, long ago, I was adorable.
That keeps me going.


KGMom said...

Awwww---Susan was cute.
And yes, I think Lorelei looks like you.
Oh dear--you know what that means.

Mary said...


Before you mentioned it, I thought your girls are your exact image. It's wonderful to see yourself in Lorelei and Isabella, isn't it?

Good to see your Dad and brother ;-)

You were adorable and really, the seventies weren't too bad. Sixties were awful. Eighties rocked. Big time. That's when you were in your teens, I guess. I was in my incredibly fun 30s. Oooo la la.


The Swami said...

At first, I thought the photo with the tea set was Lorelei.

Beth said...

First - you are STILL cute.
Second - the seventies rocked.
Third - your daughters look just like you and if they inherited any of your personality as well, they will grow up to be loyal, fun, interesting, smart and loving women!


Anonymous said...

You two look a like. Both adorable. Swamette

egretsnest said...

Oh you're still adorable! No doubt. Just adorably snarky now! :) That way your girls have something to aspire too!

NatureWoman said...

I'm with The Swami. I had to enlarge the tea set photo to see it was the 70's and you instead of Lorelei. And yes, I think both of your daughters look like you! All very cute!

Abe Lincoln said...

Very nice portraits.

dguzman said...

I can definitely see the resemblance!

dAwN said...

Cuteness! Lorelei looks just like you..
that was fun going back in time with you!

Anonymous said...