Monday, June 08, 2009

Butterflies of India

Why I don't go to Krohn's Conservatory in the Winter, I don't know. I could soak up the warm humid air and marvel at the lush plants and flowers sorely lacking in the frigid landscape outside.
But nooooo...I always go when it's HOT.

Every year, the Conservatory hosts some butterflies from around the world and this year it's Butterflies of India. (the amount of butterflies from different countries is usually pretty small...I think they just want to dress up the building with a "theme"...and this is the only time you have to pay to see any part of the Conservatory, so they can dress it up as much as they like.)

They breed and raise the butterflies in a nursery then release them into the atrium, which is decorated according to the year's theme.
The more aggressive or "potentially dangerous if released" butterflies are kept in a mesh cage, while the others are free-flying. And it's hot and humid inside the Atrium. Makes the butterflies happy and the people moist. Well, at least all that sweat makes us irresistible to the butterflies.
My favorite (and the hardest to get onto your fingers) is the Blue Morpho. A native of South America, these things are massive as far as butterflies go. They look like...birds.

My ID sheet is way out in the car and I don't feel like getting up to get it.
(the kids' first official day of summer break wore me sue me.)
Soak in the bright, colorful goodness of butterflies:
Common Buckeye
Okay. I know this one...Common Buckeye. (No. Not THAT buckeye.)

bfly show 5
One of the 'dangerous' butterflies...

bfly show 3
This thing was huge. Bigger than my hand. Almost as big as both my hands put together.

bfly show4

bfly show2

bfly show1

tree full of eyes
(everyone of those 'eyes' is a butterfly)

Atrium butterfly show
The Atrium decorated with the Indian theme

tribute to Ganhdi
Tributes to Ganhdi.....
portraits shiva
...and Ganesh.

It's not hard to get the butterflies to sit on your fingers. These are captive-bred butterflies, genetically inferior and also, I bet, battered and exhausted from the show.
But the kids think I'm the Butterfly Whisperer anyway. I would reach into the flowers, bring out a butterfly and then entice the butterfly to walk onto their fingers.
Makes for happy bug girls.
Lorelei and bfly


Stacy said...

why is that gorgeous creature 'dangerous' exactly?

NatureWoman said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! Ditto Stacy's question. I didn't realize butterflies could be aggressive and potentially dangerous.

Susan Gets Native said...

Stacy and Pam:
They are afraid that if the butterflies escape, they may become car hijackers. And they are big enough to carry off small dogs and children.
No...they have the potential to become invasive species if released here.
I'm such a smart ass.

dguzman said...

You ARE a smart ass. But it's better than being a dumb ass, right?

Thanks for explaining the "dangerous" part. I thought that might be it, but I wasn't sure.

Gallicissa said...

The Clipper (6th from top), is found in Sri Lanka too.

KGMom said...

Awwww--Lorelei and butterfly. A poem all self-contained in word and image.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah...but this smart-ass's such a curse.

Thanks! I thought of you while doing this post and said to myself, "I bet Amila knows what these are!"

She was so thrilled. If you enlarge the photo you can really see the joy in her eyes. Isabelle wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture, but she was enraptured too.

Mel said...

A recurring theme for me lately!
Besos for you and the pretty girls.

Stacy said...

NEXT UP on Reality Channel Friday nights: Stay with us as we uncover the surly side of "Butterflies...Behind Bars"

This is a shocking in depth look at one of the world's most formidable criminal species and is not for the faint of heart. Viewer discretion is advised.

dAwN said...

what gorgeous creatures! So ..that is interesting about the dangerous one...the ones who could take over the world..Yikes...LOL
Your daughter is a lucky girl!

The Swami said...

I'm setting the DVR for "Butterlies...Behind Bars." That would be a great replacement for most of the current "reality" shows.