Sunday, May 10, 2009


I don't take many "portraits", thinking that candid shots can be so much more fun. The Flock's trip to West Virginia taught me that portraits or posed shots are very valuable.
Yesterday, my niece graduated from college...what? Wait a minute! She's just a baby!

Heather me grad day
She graduated a whole year early. Smarty-pants.
I do love that kid. She was born on my 15th birthday, and has been a pain in my &%$ every since. : )

Mom Heather grad day
My Mom and Heather.
I noticed a glaring void in the festivities yesterday. Dad should have been there. He would have been so proud of Heather. He never went to college, and I think he regretted that about his life. His buttons woulda burst, seeing his granddaughter walk up and accept a Bachelor's degree.

And now, Happy Mother's Day!
Mom and girls mothers day 09
Isabelle, Mom and Lorelei

Girl me mothers day 09
(I had to hold them down to get this picture. They are entirely too wiggly.)

Mom and me mothers day 09
Mom and me....sigh. If anyone ever wonders why I am the way I am, I point my finger at this woman. She of course would be proud of any good things you had to say about me, (if you could think of anything) and totally blame me for the rest.


Mary said...

Please hug your Mom from me. She did a gooooooooood job.

Happy Mother's Day, Susan!


KGMom said...

Awww-that's what Mother's Day is made for. Lots of wonderful portraits of accomplished women.
I love the photo of your mom & the girls. All looked surrounded by love.
Happy Mother's Day, Susan.

Kathiesbirds said...

Happy Mother's Day Susan! You have gorgeous girls and you share your mom's smile!

Beth said...

Happy Mother's Day, Susan! Your girls are cute as pie and you must be very proud. I would love to meet your mom - it's so cool that there is someone else in this world who is like you!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I love family photos that show love and fun. Your girls are adorable and look a lot like you. And it sounds like they're going to be awesome birders and naturalists, too.

Lynne said...

Wonderful Mom, wonderful you, and now another generation of wonderful little girls.
You should be proud.

NatureWoman said...

Oh my, at first glance your niece looks like you!! Very cool! Congrats to her! I love the mother / daughter photos.