Friday, May 22, 2009

Final post about New River?

I've been having fun showing everyone my take on the Flock's New River trip.
But I also miss it more and more with every post I do. I have programs next month very close to West Virginia, and it will be very tempting to take an extra hour or two to sneak over the state line.
Very tempting.

I'm calling this my last New River post....for now.

A dirty little secret I have: I have a deep-seated fear of bridges over water. Specifically, very TALL bridges over water. Kathi could make you howl with her impression of me driving over the Walt Whitman bridge from Philadelphia to New Jersey last year.

On the way to New River, I was able to find a route that took me well north of the New River Bridge, thus avoiding my fear.
It turned out that I had to cross it multiple times over the course of our visit. But I survived. Just like I survived seeing a real live wild bear. Fears are only as big as we let them grow.

On my way out of town, I decided to take the bridge one more time. And I thought videotaping it would be fun.
Watching this for the first time, I felt like I was going to be sick. From the camera's perspective, it seems that I am looking around, out the windows, etc....everything but watching the road.
I promise that my eyes never left the road, and all I was doing was panning with the camera and hoping I was getting a nice video.
Makes for a fun little movie. (Don't watch it if you get car sick) :)
You will also notice it was RAINING. I don't think I would recognize I was in West Virginia if the sun was shining.


Kathiesbirds said...

Hooray for you! so, you are done and I am barely getting started! I want to go back to WV also and go at my own pace! We birded at breakneck speed this week but it was well worth it!

BTW, are you the Susan Willims on eBird that recorded a pied-billed grebe in WV? There is one in the Fayette County top 100 eBirders list.

Susan Gets Native said...

Kathie: Yes, I think that was me. Saw one as we were driving to one of of the trips, maybe going over the Gauley Bridge.

Beth said...

awwww. I will miss your New River posts. They were funny and touching and made me homesick for Opossum Creek.


Mary said...

I'm proud of you, Susan. When crossing that bridge, there's really no evidence of the height BUT WE KNOW. Bridges don't bother me much but other height-related things do :o)

Your posts about New River have been lots of fun and made me laugh and feel very homesick for you all.

I think I'll squeeze out one more and be done with it.