Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All the creatures, great and small

The Dance begins with a single soul
Taking wing, upwards and points to the North
Back to a place they know, and remember

Perhaps where their tender life began?
On a hillside
Thick with brush and tree.

Definition of wild beauty, cradling a wide ribbon
That carves the stone, still.

Not to forget the tiny life that clings to every surface
British soldier lichen
Small yet complex

Big snail
Slow yet determined.

The leaf litter underfoot
Red spotted newt EFT
Teems with small wonders, seeking only safety.

We come to gasp and weep and observe.
Group at the Bobolink Field
Stopping here only for a too-short moment
To drink in that mountain, that life.

When the Dance comes back to the mountain,
Shall we again find our Perfect Day?
Will we find our mountain, one we thanked with our brimming eyes and clutched hearts?

Or will that mountain be gone?

As a victim of violence,
Changed forever?
Will all the creatures, great and small,
Lie buried under a tomb of avarice?

*From the OVEC website:
What took hundreds of millions of years for Nature to create is being decapitated by giant corporations who have highly paid, silver-tongued spokesmen, lots of money, and political influence. The mountain tops, once removed, have to be put somewhere, and often they fill valleys. Press releases and propaganda to the contrary cannot erase the truth about mountaintop-removal-and-valley-fill: the mountain tops are gone, the valleys are gone, the natural streams are altered or gone, the native trees are gone, and the soil is gone. *

There were 17 nature bloggers who attended the New River Bird and Nature Festival. There are literally thousands of people who read those blogs collectively. Those thousands of people, each know even more people.
Someone is trying to save the mountains and the homeowners living in these hills and valleys, homeowners who are being poisoned and filled with toxic chemicals...whose cancers rates are doubling...whose homes are being washed away in flash floods...whose water has to come from a bottle instead of the tap. This is happening in the United States, not some far away land that you can feel comfortable distancing yourself from.
Go here. Give what you can. Write letters to those who can change the future.

The only glimmer of Heaven I have ever seen, that one mountain at Muddelty, will probably not been there when the Flock returns next year. But we can rise as one, to save the others.


Anonymous said...

Love this post and the photos especially.

My Birds Blog

Anonymous said...

Wow - your post and Nina's about this same spot move me to tears. How is it that anyone can lay waste like that, and feel no pain?

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely post, Susan. Beautifully written and quite moving.

We all need to be active in stopping this senseless mining process.

Mary said...

How did I miss this fantastic post? I'll never forget Muddlety.

T.R. said...

Your heart is so big and your capacity to share the beauty we all experienced is so perfect. So many of us were left speechless - thank goodness you weren't. Everyone should read this post and experience the poetry of New River and collectively slam our fists down and say: no more. See, I was right, you are a goddess. God bless Muddelty. When Muddelty is gone - so will a little bit of all our hearts.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Yay--for each and every voice that turns others toward this secret sacrifice unceremoniously offered each day.
Its true value only realized too late.

(Bravo, Susan--my favorite of your WV posts--full of heart and soul)