Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thwarted pervert? Thief? Or just a really big IDIOT?

A few weeks ago, while dropping Lorelei at school, I noticed an SUV parked in an empty part of the parking lot. I took note of it, but assumed he was dropping off a child or something.
I saw him again a few days later and mentioned it to a school staff member.
Didn't hear anything about it.
When I saw him again yesterday, I had just had enough. I demanded answers from a staff member. She took Lorelei into school, and as I was leaving, the GUY pulled out right behind me.
Holy Crap. I drove down to Kroger and parked (better to be around lots of people, I thought to myself). He drove on, not pulling into the parking lot.

Today, as I pulled in to pick up Lorelei, he was there again.
I grabbed the first staff member I saw and told them he was out there. She ran to the director's office, where the director called the police. I ran out, grabbed my binoculars (See? GOOD to be a BIRDER!) and got his license plate number and got a good look at him. I ran back in and gave all the information to the director, who relayed it to the police.

Lorelei and I went back out and sat in the car (with doors locked and engine running) and waited. He left before the police got there....
Tonight was the art show at the school, and as we walked in, the director pulled me aside and told me this:

The police found the guy, pulled him over...and found out that the guy was pirating the church's unsecured, wireless Internet signal.

Now. Imagine how it went down. The police swarm this guy's car, thinking he was a child perv, and this guy having to admit that he was stealing from a church.

That's just priceless. I bet I won't be seeing HIM again!


Lynne said...

Shame on him.

Good for you for following your instincts that something was WRONG.

Mary said...

Weirdo. Never feel intimidated to use your gut feeling, Susan. I see odd stuff at the college all the time and don't hesitate to call security. I'm happy you got a result!

LauraHinNJ said...


I do that all the time!

(Steal a free wi-fi signal, I mean.)


dAwN said...

Oh dear...I do some drive by wifi..when I cant get a cell connection on my broadband card.
Living full time in a motorhome we don't have a consistent internet connection.
I try to find coffee shop etc..but If I cant I just borrow someones signal to get my mail and leave.
Yikes...I didn't know it would be a big offense.

Susan Gets Native said...

Okay, don't everyone freak out. : )
Not a big deal for most people...but this guy looked like he was staking out the preschool for a kid to steal. I don't think Laura or Dawn are doing that....as they pirate signals.
; )

KGMom said...

OK--now that I am done chuckling. At the irony of it all.
If you are going to use an unsecured Wi-fi, for goodness sake pick a place that is NOT next to a school with little kids.
Hasn't this guy heard of restaurants with free Wi-fi? Around here, we have Panera, some McDonalds, and almost any Starbucks with free Wi-fi. Jeez. He is one dumb SOB.

KatDoc said...

If it's "free," then it isn't "stealing," right?

Of course, hanging around in the parking lot of a preschool is fairly dumb in this day and age.

Glad it turned out to be something silly, not dangerous. Your instincts were right on, and if I had a kid in day care, I would be freaked by seeing the same car lurking in the lot every day.


*You have just read another installment of the continuing series: "Block Watch Susan: Mother on Patrol."

NCmountainwoman said...

You did exactly the right thing. But I take exception to the fact that the guy was "stealing." If you don't secure your Wi-fi, then it is free for anyone close enough to pick up the signal.

I'm a bit surprised that the church Wi-fi isn't secured. Perhaps you might want to mention the attraction, not to mention the potential for data mining.

Gallicissa said...

You are a good detective mama!
I too think that he wasn't really stealing, especially in these times of recession.

Susan Gets Native said...

I'm not exactly sure why the church's access is unsecured.
But this guy could have gone to ANY cafe or library to get free signal. Why the Hell park in front of a preschool?????
And it's not like they ADVERTISE free Wi-Fi!

NatureWoman said...

Stupid a-h. Anyone that hangs around children doing weird things is a huge jerk.

The Swami said...

"Block Watch Susan: Mother on Patrol."

You could have at least told us the channel and time for this series.

Anonymous said...

I am a little cynical. Maybe this is the guy's excuse and he really is a pervert. There was a guy driving a SUV in Cincinnati that was trying to lure children. I am sure the police are checking into this. Thank you Susan for being vigilant in this crazy world.

Dave said...

Time for a new TV show, Susan PI. Good job!!!

Bird Advocate said...

This is way cool. You did right. I'd have turned him in, too!

Mel said...

I'm glad it wasn't a serious thing... I mean stealing internet vs pervert!

Julie Zickefoose said...

How interesting-first that you noticed and became concerned, second that the police took it seriously. Good going. On another level, I have to wonder if it's stealing, if nobody is getting hurt by it. I suppose if he's downloading massive huge files and by doing that adversely impacting the church's everyday Internet activity, he could be causing harm.

Bet he's mad!

WorstinShire said...

At least no children were harmed, but good job for acting on instinct. That's the parent in us!

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