Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Open Letter to Stupid and Lazy Person

Dear Stupid and Lazy Person,

I wanted to thank you personally for not returning your cart to the corral at the fabric store today. And I am concerned about your welfare, since you must have been in such a hurry that you couldn't walk 10 feet to the place that the carts are supposed to be returned. Maybe you are a heart surgeon and got that call about a transplant. Or you had to get to that sale at the Gap. Or you just had to pee really bad.
Even though the winds were blowing at higher than 40 miles per hour, something kept you from securing that cart. So I hope you are okay.

Never mind that the wind pushed your unsecured cart and made it roll down the slanted parking lot and was observed by a man sitting in his car, and said man watched it slam into my new Subaru. That man must have thought it was such a spectacular sight, that he had to come into the store and find me to tell me of the incident. That story really made the remainder of my shopping visit a pleasure.

I went out to survey the damage, which compared to your uber-busy schedule, really is trivial. Only three huge dents in the driver-side door. Of my new car.

You will never see me, or hear my tale. But that's okay, right? You are so busy and important that it's beneath you to think of other human beings and their property.

Have a nice day*,

*What I mean by that is... "I hope a bucketful of screw worms infests the crack of your a- -."


Lynne said...

Nooo! Not your new car. That really stinks. Some people just don't care and I don't get it.

OMG!! The Guinnea Worm!!!
Where in the HELL did you find that site?

NatureWoman said...

This totally stinks. That happened to me in my not so new vehicle and I was totally irritated, too. I saw it happen and ran to try to stop the cart before it hit my truck. I didn't make it and I was hopping mad.

Mary said...

I knew there'd be a subscript. A good one, too. Dammit the SOB. I know how much you love that new car.

KGMom said...

Awwww--Susan. Sorry.
Makes me feel better about retrieving the cart I saw yesterday, rolling across the lot of our local grocery store.
My expression for people like the one you encountered--well, of course, you're special. You shouldn't have to put that cart away.
And, now I would add--don't hurt Susan's car--IDIOT.

NCmountainwoman said...

Dang! I see those idiots all the time and move their carts for them. Sorry about the dings on the new car.

Kallen305 said...

What a bummer! I can't stand when people do that. How hard is it to put the cart where it belongs.

Lester Peyton said...

I know that feeling well. I remember back in my younger years of 21 ( I sound like an old fart) I had just bought a used Acura Integra. I loved that car, I took care of it washed it waxed, changed the oil. You name it, I did it. I parked at Walgreens one day. Came back out and there was a cart resting on the passenger side front panel. It was a nasty dent too. Cost me 250.00 for someones stupidity. Since then I always put my carts back. Never heard of screw worms, will have to check that one out. Hope today is better

dguzman said...

NOOOOOOO!!!!! Bastards!

Sorry, Susan. I hope the damage wasn't too bad. Maybe you could buff it out?

Anonymous said...

How crazy annoying. Hope it's fixable!