Monday, March 16, 2009

One to call my own

I must have whined enough. I must have looked pitiful enough when everyone else used theirs.

Lynne, possibly the sweetest person I have ever met, got herself a new iPod recently. And her old one, complete with birdJam, (Hi, Jay!) needed a home.
She might be embarrassed by this post..she's the type to do something wonderful for someone and then flap her hands and say "Oh, no no no..." when they show their appreciation.

It arrived today...
I was expecting a little iPod with a tiny black and white screen. What I got was a big iPod with a big color screen.

iPod! ! !
And an iMainGo speaker carry-case thingy.
Now I won't be the dummy in the group who doesn't know any calls except for owls, hawks and falcons.
I have a month to learn some warbler calls so I can impress Kathi, our By-Ear-Birderess, on our trip to West Virginia.
And speaking of West Virginia, Lynne should plan on relaxing on the porch of the Farmhouse as I massage away all the aches and pains in her feet from hiking and birding. And when she grows weary of all that walking, I will be carrying her on my back.

Now I can go outside, blast barred owl calls and annoy my neighbors.

Love ya, Lynne. Thank you.


Lynne said...


Stacy said...

How unbelievably wonderful for you! I love the cat! Thinking to them-self "That sounds waaaay to big to eat" Gosh they sound so terrific! Congratulations!

NCmountainwoman said...

Susan, I cannot imagine you ever being the dummy in the group, iPod or no iPod. How great that you have the Birdjam. Can't think of anyone more deserving. I'm looking forward to the New River Festival almost as much as those of you who are going to be there in person. I'll be so excited to hear the stories and share the laughter. Oh...and see some great bird photographs.

Trixie said...

Dang-o! I bet it just might be a case of generosity begets generosity. You are both amazing and thoughtful women.

KGMom said...

Way to go, Lynne.
And goodie for Susan.
OK--no more whining.
Not that I heard you, here in central PA, unless. . .what was the sound the other night?
J-u-s-t kidding.

LauraHinNJ said...


(I guess having the right friends pays off.)


KatDoc said...

Wonderful! Lynne, you are the most generous person ever. And Susan, I will now expect great things from you in the Birding By Ear department.

Here's your first quiz: In the beginning part of the Barred Owl call, what bird can be heard in the background?

Here's to all the warblers we will see (and HEAR) in West Virginia.



dguzman said...

I'm practically in tears. That Lynne--she's a lifer. While she was packaging your iPod, she wrapped up an Ella Fitzgerald CD she found for me. *sniffle!*

I love her! And that last photo is AWESOME!

Owlman said...

Super cool Lynne, congrats Susan - enjoy the new toy!

bruss1510 said...

What a great friend. Hugs to Lynne!


NatureWoman said...


nina at Nature Remains. said...

What a great friend!

I like your description of
Lynne--though I've never met her, she looks just like one who would give, not wanting the fuss of recognition.

I can't wait to meet her!

RuthieJ said...

That Lynne--I know what her super power is: making other people happy! Lucky you Susan.
(I was curious about Kathi's comment on the Barred Owl and had to check it out myself and got it right on the first guess! I love my birdJam!)

Kathiesbirds said...


Mel said...

We do share an angel ;)