Friday, February 20, 2009

A new Barbie!

Lorelei asked for a specific Barbie for her birthday this year. Barbie isn't just a skanky tart anymore....she has careers. She's been a princess, a fairy, a pediatrician, a mermaid, a super hero, a surfer, a ballet get the idea.
(Okay, princess, mermaid and fairy aren't careers.)
Lorelei wants to be this when she grows up and they have a Barbie for it:

Veterinarian Barbie!
What made us howl was the way she's dressed...
(I bet if your Vet vamped up like this, you wouldn't be forgetting Fluffy's vaccine schedule, would you?)
Vet Barbie

A very snappy lab coat, and a denim mini-skirt that is practically a belt.
(She came with knee-high brown boots, but in the tradition of Barbie foot accessories everywhere, they have committed shoe-icide in the vacuum cleaner)

So. Kathi doesn't dress like this for us. Should I feel insulted? I mean, I think our precious animals deserve a hottie doc, right? But you gotta wonder the view she gives when she is bent over, clipping Spot's toenails.


Lynne said...

LOL! I want to see Kathi dressed like THAT!

Kallen305 said...

LOL Susan!! You never fail to make me laugh! Does Barbie even own a pair of pants???? HA regarding the Fluffy comment!

KGMom said...

Oh my! Well, the Barbie days are long past in this house.
Actually, when our daughter was born, I first vowed--no Barbies. Then relented when our daughter wanted Barbies or no dolls at all. So she got a Barbie. And proceeded to CUT her (the doll's) hair.
Fortunately, it signified nothing at all.
I must admit--I did wonder if Katdoc would start dressing like Vet Barbie?!

Mel said...

Lol, I had no idea there was such Barbie!

bruss1510 said...

I think Kathi DOES dress like that, but keeps it a shady little secret. I guess you need to make an appointment with her to get spayed or a rabies vaccine in order to see her denim miniskirt!


Jayne said...

Barbie just can't help herself. She was born to be a hottie as she can eat anything and never gain an once, the wench. Indeed, I am sure all vets wear the micro mini denim when doing their spaying and neutering.

Kelly said...

...maybe this is why my son wants to be a vet. I thought it was his love of animals, but maybe it's his love of hotties in lab coats!! :-)

Mary said...

Aaaaack! Kathi is going to whip you good.

I haven't check out Barbie for years... And now I'm wondering whatever happened to all the Barbie suitcases Gina had full of dolls she never touched or cared about.

Do your girls really enjoy them?

Shoe-icide. I'm laughing my ass off.


KatDoc said...

"Shoe-icide" is about the funniest thing I have heard in a long time!

I gotta get me a Veterinarian Barbie!

Barbie has actually been a vet once before, only she was called "Pet Doctor Barbie" then. (I have one, still in the box, which was given to me as a parting gift when I left the practice in Marietta, circa 1997.) At that time, she wore pink scrub pants with little pawprints on them, and a white lab coat. She carried a gray cat under one arm and a Beagle under the other. She came with a doctor's bag, a stethoscope and other assorted tiny things for children to lose, swallow, or stick up their noses.

The new Dr. Barbie is hot, but I'd like to see her sit on the floor to trim a recalcitrant Lab's toenails or bend over to lift a 40 pound Beagle onto the exam table. Or, maybe I don't.

If you all want to see me in that costume, you will have to stop by the KitKat Club after 10pm. Bring plenty of $1 bills.


nina at Nature Remains. said...

How Barbie has lasted all these years, I'm not sure. Maybe its her ability to be anything, do anything, even with that congenital heel cord shortening.

Kgmom--My girls cut her hair right from the start, too. Hmm.

dguzman said...

The KitKat Club, eh, KatDoc? I would think you'd ask for FIVE-dollar bills, however. A gal's gotta have standards!