Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice sucks. Snow sucks. Closed schools suck.

You may have heard that a rather large winter storm is blowing through the country from Texas to New England. We are sort of in the middle of that. As I type this, BB's of ice are pelting the windows.

Our school system(s) are closed, and will be tomorrow too.
I don't like being forced to stay in the house. If I want to stay in the house, I'm fine. But force me to be here, and I am like a caged thing, pacing in front of the bars and growling at everybody.
It's not like I had any real reason to leave the house today, but I wanted to as soon as I realized the weather wouldn't let me.
I have a program on Thursday morning, but even if I can get across town to pick up the birds, who's to say that the cages aren't frozen shut? It's happened before. Oh, and there's the sheet of ice inches thick in the hallway between the mews. We can't put down any sort of salt or chemical melting agent, because of our feet tracking the gunk into the mews.
Imagine holding a bird (let's say...ISIS) and walking down a walkway choked with ice. You have to keep the bird on your arm and your butt off the ice. Yeah. It's a lot of fun.

When do the crocus bloom? When will the prairie grow? When do the Osprey return?
I hate Winter.

*thus ends my big ol' pissy rant.


Owlman said...

This seems to be a very ambivalent post, so I'm sure how you're really feeling about the weather.

Susan Gets Native said...

I know....I'm wishy-washy sometimes.

Check this: I just watched the entire 30 minute local news at 11 and they didn't talk about ANYTHING but the weather. No sports, no "news". Just. The. Weather.
Cincinnati LIVES for storms like this. We can all curl up into a ball and repeat like a mantra..."We're all gonna die.....".
: )

Lynne said...

Susan you need to get yourself some Yaktrax. They're awesome on ice- you'll never slip. You guys seem to have plenty of ice storms.
Just make yourself some nice calming hot milk, relax and chill.

KatDoc said...
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KatDoc said...

Wimp! I got to work on Tuesday, only 30 minutes late. I spayed a dog and a cat (female, this time), cleaned a dog's teeth and took off a lump, sent home a cat after abscess surgery, refilled prescriptions, sold pet food, made phone calls, and did other miscellaneous chores. Left at 4pm (2 hrs early) and made it home before dark.

Then, I got my car stuck in my driveway. Today, I am iced-in. Don't think I'm going any further than my barn for a while.

Kallen305 said...

Now Susan, tell us how you really feel, LOL ;o).

I am right there beside you. This winter cannot end soon enough for me. I want spring and I want it now.

Err, Ummm, enjoy your snow day???

dguzman said...

Every year I hate the winter a little more. Bring on the spring migration!

NCmountainwoman said...

I know exactly what you mean about being caged up. I feel exactly the same way, even if I had no plans to go anywhere. It's like not having a car in the garage. I want it there even if I don't need it.

Your storm made the national news, so I'm sure the local stations are having a ball with the continuous non-reporting.

bruss1510 said...

I'm with Lynne - Yaktrax are WONDERFUL! They really keep you from slipping on the ice. I hate the winter too - bring on the spring (and New River!)!


mon@rch said...

Our President also had something to say about his kids being out of school today . . . my guess that this winter isn't going to be over for a while! Ugg

Mary said...

Yeah. Yaktrax.

I always felt caged during ice storms, too. I know the feeling.

Next week you'll probably be in the 50s. I know we will.

Kathiesbirds said...

You know I love your sarcasm, don't you? I'm with you on the feeling caged thing. Felt the same when I lived in Presque Isle, ME and we had 5 feet of snow. We couldn't get out of our driveway. I tried to shovel a path free but it was too much for me. It took a bucket loader to get us out!