Monday, January 19, 2009

6 Random Things about moi

This meme was going around sometime before Christmas, and I don't think anyone tagged me.

Harrumph. Fine. I tag myself.

1. I have a weird thing about those refrigerated dough know, the ones that "pop" open when you peel back the wrapping? I freakin' HATE those things. And they never open exactly like they are supposed to. When I do it, it stays closed and I have to put a spoon in the seam and twist. But I do it like this: I gently rest the spoon against the seam, then squeeze my eyes shut and turn away and then push the spoon in. Even when I know it's coming, that "pop" freaks me out. Oh, and the way I do it....makes a big smoosh of dough ooze out and when I get the rest of the dough out, I have to reshape the whole damn thing.

2. I have a weird thing about windshields. My windshield has to be very, very clean. If it is just misting, just a little bit, I have to turn on the wipers. If a bug offs itself on the windshield, I have to stop at a gas station to get it off.

3. I have an extra vertebra, in my neck. Never knew it until I had an MRI in my early twenties after a bad car accident. My Mom found out recently that she has an extra one, too. Maybe we are descended from birds?
Or maybe I just have more backbone than other people?
: )

4. I like to use words in inappropriate ways.
Like, instead of voila, I say VIOLA.
My grandmother worked with a broad who thought she was smart and effed up pronunciations all the time. The best ones:
When talking about the astronaut program in the 60's: "You know, those guys are in a very RIGID program (said like RIG-id, not RIDGE-id). They have to be smart and very MATRICULOUS (instead of articulate).
Even though Grandma is gone, Mom and I still get into hysterics about that broad from Grandma's office.
Another woman we know used to say potpourri just like it is spelled (POT POUR-EE). Now we say it like that just to be funny.
Geoff absolutely hates it. So we do it more.
: )

5. I count steps while I am going up or down them.
Huh. Mix that with the windshield wiper thing, and I taste a little bit OCD, don't I?

6. The other night, Geoff and I went out to a movie for his birthday. While waiting in the insanely-long traffic jam tried to get out of the parking lot, some idiot in a truck came flying out of a side lot and came this close to slamming into my new car. I threw the car in park and opened the door and started yelling at the fool, "What the F*** is wrong with you???? Learn how to drive, you stupid JACK A**!!!!!", and all the while Geoff is desperately plucking at my sleeve trying to get me back into the car. The crackers wisely stayed in their truck.
So I guess Random Thing #6 is that I don't suffer fools gladly.



Lynne said...

Susan you crack me UP! Glad no one nearly T-boned your car in Cape May. I'd have peed my pants trying to get you back into the car.

Wher'd you git dat last pikshur?

linda said...

I am so glad to know these things about you.

We call them "whacker" biscuits and I exhibit the same stance as you, what a hoot.

Thanks for sharing~

LauraHinNJ said...

Those biscuits in a can are the DH's job... the pop freaks me out too!


Mary said...

I love that pop. I could pop with a spoon all day. That's because I truly live life on the edge and will do anything for excitement.

YOU crack me UP. I have a list of words, too, that we'll share in WV. But the step counting thing...Susan, I don't think that's normal.

Kallen305 said...

HA! LOL Susan!!

I too hate those cans and jump whenever the dough pops out. I was like that as a little kid w/ a Jack in the Box too. It is so funny that there are others out there besides me with that same fear.

NCmountainwoman said...

You do know, don't you, that Pillsbury makes Grands in packages? Frozen or refrigerated. No need to pop the biscuits again.

Loved learning more about you. Who would have guessed you have such a low tolerance for fools and idiots?

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, hell yeah. It would have been Throw-Down time on Myrtle Avenue, by Gum!

Whacker biscuits? That is PERFECT. Like they are capable of whacking you right in your kitchen.

I know! They're freakin' weird!

NO! They're freakin weird!
Not normal? Do we remember who we are talking about here? And I did say that I have a lovely tangy OCD flavor.
: )

I know! They're freakin' weird!

I may have to make the switch to non-can dough.
Low tolerance. Yeah. I should change my name to THAT.

Jayne said...

LOL Susan! These were great tidbits. I love it when people can honestly share about themselves!

Anonymous said...

The "whacker biscuits" don't bother me; I actually find the pop sound satisfying!

But I hear 'ya about the step counting -- I even do it walking from one point to another, not just on the stairs.

How about those eagles at the Inauguartion? I immediately thought of you.

Wayne, PA

Kathiesbirds said...

You sure have some funny quirks, but that only makes you more endearing! That's one ugly photo at the end. Looks like raptor bait to me. BTW, I have some photos of Harris Hawks posted if you are interested. Oh, and if we could shrink him down to size, I think the plumbeous vireo I've posted could make short work of that guy!

Julie Zickefoose said...

I have a boxcutter with a long blade in it that's scored every half-inch. When the blade tip gets dull you're supposed to press down on it hard and the dull blade end snaps off and you have a fresh bit to work with. How come every time I try it, it either breaks raggedly or flies up and heads straight for my eye? Talk about flinching! Who thought of THAT?

I used to love whamming that dough can on the counter. It's been years...sigh.

Kyle said...

Hey, I tagged you way back in December... but if I recall it was right around the time that you and the family were halfway to death's doorstep with the crud and the vultures were circling overhead. And I never got around to calling your attention to it again, sorry!

I knew I liked you for a reason! Both "viola" AND "pot-porry"! I first started saying "VIOLA" as a kid when I misread it in a comic book. My mom laughed so hard she fell off her chair at the dinner table, and I've said it ever since! My wife just rolls her eyes and refuses to let the kids copy me.

Great post, by the way! :)