Saturday, December 06, 2008

Wishing a good nights sleep for myself and Geoff

We got our first substantial snowfall today. About 2 inches (can you hear Trixie and Dave chortling right now?). But the temperature just barely hit 32 today, so there was plenty of ice to deal with.

I was out in it today, all excited to finally be driving my safe new car in the snow. Oh, what fun.
Although Subarus are known for their sure-footedness, I slid right through an intersection this morning.

I went out again later, to pick up birds for tomorrow morning's "program". Not a typical educational presentation, but I hope to WOW some kids.
I got the birds tonight so that I don't have to brave the Super-Early Morning Hours sliding my way across town and then back again (the program is only five minutes from my house). It's supposed to be around 19 degrees when I wake up. Ugh.

To put a big cherry on this sundae, the girls were sick today. Isabelle was complaining of a sore throat and had a very mild fever.
Lorelei was complaining of a headache (seemed to be sinus-related), and had a temperature of 102.9. She felt like a space heater.

After counting dose upon dose of Advil and Dimetapp and throat drops, they are sleeping now, thank goodness.

Please, please, please....let them sleep all night. I need to be fresh and rested in the morning!


Kyle said...

Susan, I hope the girls get over their ailments quickly. There's nothing worse than worrying about your babies when they are sick... unless it's doing that while you are feeling down yourself. So you be sure to stay warm and healthy! Good luck with that good night's sleep. (And with the program on Sunday!)

LauraHinNJ said...

Hope everyone's better and well-rested int he morning!

Anonymous said...

hope all is well and they are feeling better!

Kallen305 said...

I hope your children start feeling better soon. I do know there is something going around similar to the symptoms you are describing so it sounds to me like they have basic colds. I had a sinus headache that lasted me two days and now it's gone.

I hate driving in snow too. Is your car all wheel drive? I bought an all wheel drive (4 cyclinder SUV) and while it's a small vehicle, it is wonderful in the snow. Stay safe and dry.

KatDoc said...

102.9 isn't that high, it's just outside the normal range. Oh, wait - this is your daughters you are talking about, not your dogs. Never mind.

I slid through an intersection yesterday, too, on my way to the winery. I was going pretty slow, since the back road I was traveling was snow covered and slippery, but when I crested a small hill and started down the other side, I realized I wasn't going to be able to stop.

A firmer application of the brakes caused me to fish-tail, so rather than wreck, I took my foot off and coasted through. Biggest fear was being T-boned, since it was a 2-way stop, not a 4-way, and the cross-traffic had the right of way. Someone was watching out for me, 'cuz I slid thru without any problem. I was glad to make it home with no further scares.

It's no the snow, it's the ice!

Jayne said...

Hope everybody got a good night's sleep in your house Susan. Have a great day. :c)

RuthieJ said...

I think I hear some chortles in Minnesota too! ;-)

Hope your little hatchlings are feeling better soon--that crud is going around everywhere here also.