Thursday, December 11, 2008

View from a Kleenex box

While it's not over completely, at least Geoff and I were able to continue our Parental duties today.

Why didn't I get a flu shot this year? WHY???

I managed to get out to the drug store for more Theraflu
(Really good stuff.... 10% alcohol...wheee!)

Lorelei and I found something we have been looking for, and it helped to boost my mood:

Antlers and red nose
Antlers and a red nose for the car.
Yep. I've become one of those people. But I think it's cute. Don't you?
Best was on sale.

Oh...and here's my newest bumper sticker:
This car guarded by attack screech owl
I wonder if non-birders will get the joke?


Mary said...

LOL! When you have adorable little girls traveling with you, yes, the antlers and red rose are a kick. Hey, without the kids, it's a kick, too :o)

I'm glad you are feeling better, Susan. Only once did I experience all of us sick at the same time and it wasn't pretty. I got a flu shot about ten years ago and promptly came down with the flu - the only flu I ever had. So, I pass on those shots.

I'd love to have that bumper sticker - only if I really carried screech owls...


Kallen305 said...

I am glad you are feeling better. Love the car, it looks so festive!

The bumper sticker is classic!

Kallen305 said...
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NCmountainwoman said...

Glad you are at least functional again. I love Mary dearly, but don't listen to her. You won't get flu from the shot. Get one every year.

I'll bet the girls just LOVE the Rudolph costume for the car. Makes it easier to find in the parking lot. And can you imagine telling the valet service that "it's the one with the antlers and red nose."

KGMom said...

THANKS for the chuckle--love the antlers and especially the red nose.
Sorry for the crude that laid you low.
(Note to self--next year--FLU SHOT!)

Rurality said...

If you can catch it quickly enough, Tamiflu really works wonders. But you have to know that you're getting the flu withing 24 hours of so of starting symptoms, I think.

Thanks for the feather ID! I'm very excited!

KatDoc said...

You know, I'm a birder, and I don't get the screech owl joke ....

~kwestioning Kat

Kyle said...

Love the antlers, Susan! Glad to hear you're starting to feel human again, too. I hope you and Geoff get this mess knocked all the way out of your systems soon!

By the way - you have been tagged! See my post for the rules to Six Random Things:

RuthieJ said...

Hi Susan,
I'm glad you're all feeling better. I got my flu shot last Friday (cuz it's recommended for those over 50 and I don't get paid sick time).
Are those Rudolph accessories specifically made for a car?? I had no idea such things even existed!

Old & Clueless in Minnesota