Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Devil's Henchvulture

Illness update:
I spent yesterday mostly on the couch. Today, I'm fine. Lorelei went to school, but they called and asked me to pick her up early. She has bounced between no fever and temperatures of 102 and up. If I only knew what it was....the kid has virtually no other symptoms besides a raging fever.
I took her to the doctor yesterday and after a urinalysis, Strep test, and an ear and throat check, it was deemed a "mystery virus".

You Moms out there will recognized that....it means "Your child will not be getting any antibiotics and you will just have to ride it out and watch your child suffer."
If she is still running a fever tomorrow, the pediatrician wants to see her again. That will make FIVE days of fever. Holy crap.

Ever feel that creepy sense of dread on the back of your neck? Well, it might just be Earl:

Marc and Cindy took some birds to Marc's company's Christmas thing on Saturday, and Cindy reports that "Earl was amazing." Acting like a lady and stuff.

Sure, she's got a subtle beauty, it looks like her wings have been dipped in liquid silver, and her eyes hold a definite intelligence and curiosity....

But she still hates me.

I prefer my vultures looking like this:


Stacy said...

Hi Susan; I know you probably are getting loads of advice; but I must relay my own experience when my daughter had the same thing; super high fever for five days. It wasn't until we took her to the ER; she had to endure xrays & blood work, until they finally diagnosed her with a bladder infection. I only relay the story in case you can skip that nightmare (several times my daughter started hallucinating with fever, it was so frightening and the after hours folks just said "Oh, it'll pass").

P.S.; love your site!

Trixie said...

Jeez, we're well on our way to the third week of Vivi being ill. First it was the tummy bug, then a vicious little cold, and now an ear infection. I hope your stuff resolves sooner.

Kallen305 said...

I hope your daughter can break her fever soon. It is so frustrating watching you children suffer and not being able to stop it. I think anti biotics are going to be a necessity so yell at the Dr. if you have to. ;o)

I am guessing that's a turkey vulture? They are not the most attratcitve birds out there by any means, but they have gorgeous wings. I have not seen any around my area since early November.

Jayne said...

Ugh... there's nothing worse than a draining fever with no real culprit identified. Hope she's feeling better soon Susan.

NCmountainwoman said...

Sorry the sweetie pie is so sick. But I must defend the doctor's decision not to start antibiotics until there is a clear indication for them. If it's any comfort, my daughter had frequent episodes of "FUO" (fever of unknown origin) when she was small.

Loved the shots of Earl. Do you think she senses your fear of being puked upon?

Lynne said...

First off, I hope Lorelei gets better quickly. I'd ask them to repeat the strep if the fever doesn't go away. John had strep twice that was negative on the first screen.

Secondly, I don't think you appreciate Earl's beauty enough. I think Earl should come here and be MINE! I would love her and admire her endlessly.

NCmountainwoman said...

I forgot to add the "comfort" part. She no longer had the unexplained fevers after age 7.

dguzman said...

Earl is beautiful, but Snoopy's just plain adorable.