Sunday, November 30, 2008

Owls seen and unseen

Sometimes the chase is as fun as the catch.
Kathi tried today, but even her sense of fun wasn't the same as seeing a Snowy Owl.

Another Snowy (or the same one from last week) was spotted about 1 1/2 hours from here. Kathi asked if I was up for it, and of course I was. She had loaned her car to her sister, so I went to get Kathi this morning. She lives an hour and a half from me, to the southeast. We then turned around and drove two and a half hours northwest to find the owl.
We looked. And looked some more. And looked a little longer. NO owl.

That makes two different Snowy Chases that I have choked on. Maybe it is to be my Nemesis Bird (a bird that you regularly try to find and can't)?

That and Snow Geese. They are around here every Winter, but damn if I can actually find one.

Since I don't have great photos of a brilliant white male Snowy, how about a big sassy Barred Owl?
Cindy and rehab barred owl
This female Barred Owl tangled with a fence. The fence won.
(This is Cindy, our Bird Care Director. What is it with raptor rehab and people named Cindy?)

Rehab barred owl
One of our vets performed some laser treatments to promote healing, and this big beautiful girl was transferred to a flight cage to strengthen up.
Look at those feathery toes. All curled up. Can't say it enough: Owls are cool.

Owl expression
That fierce, in a face so sweet.
When I hold our program Barred Owl, I have to remember not to kiss her sweet face. How would I look with no lips?

So I didn't get a Snowy. But I can go and look at birds like this whenever I want.


NatureWoman said...

You can go look at birds like this whenever, and share your wonderful photos with us!! What a little sweetie she is! Owls are very cool. I'd want to kiss her, too, but no lips or nose wouldn't be too good.

Mary said...

Oh, Susan - you'll see your Snowy Owl when you least expect it. It'll be perched on a light pole at an intersection where you'll stop the traffic...

You see amazing birds whenever you want to. Owls are definitely cool and I've never seen one in the wild! Do you really think it would hate a kiss? No lips? My God!


KGMom said...

So glad you have a personal built-in reminder--do. . .not. . .kiss. . .the. . .owl!

Kallen305 said...

I love owls but have never seen one in person.

Resist the urge to kiss. But if you have to just kiss the top of his sweet little head. You will still get some odd looks, but who cares. ;o)

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, the Barred Owl does indeed have such a pretty face. She is lovely.

Dave said...

Aren't those black eyes something? Wait until I tell Cindy about this post. :)

dguzman said...

Owls are cool!

RuthieJ said...

Barred owls are so neat. Do they vocalize much when you have them for recuperating? It would be fun to have a "hooting jam" with a Barred Owl. (I've tried it out in the woods, but usually end up scaring them away!)

Kathiesbirds said...

Oh, I would love to see a Snowy or a Barred! Owls are cool. BTW, in regards to the lenght of the Cooper's Hawk's tail I have been told that Cooper's and Sharpies in the SW both have longer tails because they fly out in the open more. My Cooper's was back again this morning.