Saturday, November 01, 2008


Facebook. Linked In. Twitter.
We've come up with so many new ways to connect, inside the ether called the Internet. At any given moment, we can read that so-and-so is eating a ham sandwich or someone is listening to Pearl Jam.

But how connected are we, really? Without face-to-face interface, how well can we really know the person behind the monitor?
Some prefer doing their networking via these social sites....
I prefer meeting In Real Life.

Fellow bloggers I have seen with my own two peepers:

Bill and Julie
Jim McCormac
Jeff Gordon and Fabo Liz
Kathi, aka Vet To The Stars
Dearest Laura
Sweet sprite Delia
Susan Merchant
Patrick-of-the-Million Watt-Smile and Beth, his lucky wife
John, the Born Again Birdwatcher
Mike and those 10000 Birds
Amy Hooper
I've even met LURKERS. Hi, Beth! Comment early, and comment often!

*Quick side-story...we were at the owl prowl at Cape May, and talking about Beth knowing who Lynne was, who I was, who Laura was...Someone said, "Lynne has groupies!" and my big mouth said, LOUDLY, "What? Lynne HAS HERPES????"

Where was I? Oh, yeah.
Next April, at the New River Birding Festival, I will be adding to that list.

Just as in birding when you see that life bird, and you always remember where you were when you first saw it, so goes meeting blog-buddies.
Tomorrow night, I get to be in the company of Nina, Kathi and Julie. I did a program at a nearby school, and the teacher said she had booked this artist/birder/naturalist person for November. I asked who and she said, "Julie Zickefoose." ACK!
So I emailed Julie and called dibs on her for dinner. We are meeting the teacher and some others for dinner, then we get to head over to Nina's for post-dinner wine. And laughing. And cackling. And story-telling.
See why I like face-to-face?


Mary said...

Have a great time, Susan!

I look forward to raising my wine glass with you.

KatDoc said...

F2F is the best! Your Life Blogger List is longer than mine. I am looking forward to adding Mary, Ruthie, Susan M, and others to my list next spring.

~Kathi, who will be hanging with the Bloggrrls tonight

NatureWoman said...

My life blogger list consists of *one* Hmmmm, something needs to change!

bruss1510 said...

Wow - you'll have a great time with JF at dinner. Can't wait to read about it on the blog.

Sorry to get Lynne in trouble with the groupies/herpes comment! You know how gossip spreads! ;)

Beth the Former Lurker

NCmountainwoman said...

Wow. You are so fortunate to have met so many of these fine bloggers in person. So sorry to hear about Lynne's herpes. :)

Lynne said...

Yeah, THANKS Susan! When you said that the group of 20+ birders went toally silent and all heads turned.

Lucky you to have another blogger
F2F with those cool folks. Have fun!

LauraHinNJ said...

Lynne will be glad to know I missed this whole episode.

(Just what was I doing?)

Impressive list, Susan. Have fun adding to it!

Anonymous said...

Some of us way, way up here in North Jersey types were standing at the hawk watch yesterday asking each other if anyone had heard how the birding weekend in Cape May went. No one knew. I am glad you all had a good time. And I must say you do have an impressive life list of bloggers. I have only met one and I knew her before she started blogging. Bev

dguzman said...


Nina AND Julie? Wow. Have a blast!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I agree. Facebook is a rabbit hole ... you click into it and then two hours later you emerge from the rabbit hole and wonder what happened.

RuthieJ said...

Isn't it amazing? Thank God for high-speed internet because otherwise I would have never met all these cool birding bloggers virtually and have the chance for face-to-face meetings (my list is only a third of yours Susan, but that will change after West Virginia!)

Kathiesbirds said...

Susan, me too, so when are you coming down here?