Thursday, November 06, 2008

happy endings

A random wind blows through the blog tonight....

It's Autumn, that time of year we give pumpkins to captive animals:
Earls Pumpkins
I don't know if Earl is enjoying these or just staring at them all day. I will check back often.

Earl too close
A "pearly" beak for Lynne.

Fall, a time we bury our kids in bright red, freshly fallen leaves:
Lorelei leaves
(That's Lorelei under all that)

Nellie Lorelei leaves
*slurp*...."you taste like leaves and cookies, Little Human"

The sun is nearly gone by 5:30 pm:
Mile Marker 14 RTHA
This is what is called the "Mile Marker 14 Bird", a red-tailed hawk seen at the Ronald Reagan Highway exit off I-71. It always seems to be here, and this is the first photo I have ever been able to get of it...and I have been trying for 3 years. I was on the phone with Geoff while waiting at the light, and when I saw it, I yelled, "The Mile Marker bird! Call you back!"...and hung up on him. He understands.
Is this the same bird that everyone has been seeing for so many years? Maybe, maybe not. Choice hunting grounds like this are filled quickly when a resident hawk disappears. And highways are choice hunting grounds...if you take away the traffic. Lots of perches, wide open spaces (in between the cars going 70 mph). A good place to look for injured birds, too. I've gotten into the habit of glancing at medians since discovering RAPTOR. Most of the time, it's long-dead piles of feathers, but I check anyway.

A sign spotted the other day....
Happy Ending Nailz

"Happy Endings Nailz"? WTF?
A nail salon that gives happy endings? I don't even want to know...


Lynne said...

We should all have smiles as pearly white as Earl's!

Love the pile o' leaves with Lorelei peeking out.

Mary said...

You never fail to make me laugh. Happy Ending Nailz? Does this mean, come in, sit down, and grow fungus?

I've answered my cell phone countless times and said, "Hey, I'm stalking a bird, call ya back". Tonight at dusk, I was searching a beaver, "Gina - I'm looking for a beaver, call ya back." My family wonders...but like Geoff, they understand :o)

KGMom said...

We have several "mile marker" raptors around here. I assume all red tail hawks. They love to sit on the light posts. Truth is, I don't think the light posts are at mile markers.
Must be a good view up there.

Susan Gets Native said...

Knew you'd like that. She was trying to get out and EAT me.

I don't even know what to say about that nail place. Stopped me in my tracks, it did.
Chasing a beaver....boy, could I run with THAT.

The view must be spectacular. And there they sit, watching like "hawks".
: )

Kyle said...

Cleavage and chasing beavers -- my wife's gonna make me stop reading this blog if this stuff keeps up! ;-)

bruss1510 said...

I'd like to make a mani-pedi appointment as soon as possible, please....


Julie Zickefoose said...

Aggg! And they had to spell it "Nailz."

That's how you seek out a class establishment. You look for the Z on the end of a plural word.

What a cute picture of Earl. And Lorelei with that unmistakable eye peeking out of the leaves.

The Swami said...

If Swami could be so bold as to correct an error in Susan and Kyle's comments. I believe Mary said she was "searching a beaver."

That would be even more interesting. I must find Swamette.

RuthieJ said...

I'm curious about those Happy Ending the captive animals eat them, play with them, or what happens?