Monday, October 27, 2008

What's that smell? (The Official New Jersey State Motto)

There are many things I have learned over the past weekend:

Packed car
1. A Subaru is capable of holding 27, 567 of Kathi's bags.
(For the record, I had one suitcase and one beading bag. The rest of this hot mess belongs to Kathi.)

2. Birders have very strange mating rituals.

3. Bird Bloggers will take a picture of anything....including you taking a picture of them.
Laura takes a picture of me taking a picture

Laura takes another pic of me taking a pic

4. Bird Bloggers will point at imaginary birds if you point your camera at them.

5. There are people out there who will be thrilled to see a Black Vulture and do the Life Bird Dance because of it.

6. There is a company out there who makes Turkey Vulture stuffed animals.
(Three guesses as to who bought this...thing.)

7. Juvenile Black Skimmers will idly play with sticks.

Lynne Brrrrrr
8. It's fun to watch a Minnesotan dip her toes in the Atlantic for the first time.
(Yes, she is saying, "Brrrrrrr!")

Friends are Beautiful>Friends are beautiful.

10. Bar tabs can be very large in New Jersey.

11. If you say the word "groupies" while on an Owl Walk, it will sound like "Herpes" and everyone in the group will stop in their tracks immediately.

12. Southern New Jersey smells weird. Laura says it's all the marshes, but I have to wonder.


LauraHinNJ said...

I love that smell!


(I think Lynne finally admitted that it was growing on her, right?)

Honestly Susan, you've never been to North Jersey, so you don't know how really bad NJ can smell.


It was a fabulous time... and I can't wait for the really good stories.

(Be careful, deary!)


Love ya.

egretsnest said...

Whatever the smell, it looks like a fantastically fun time! Color me jealous!

KatDoc said...

I can't believe you posted last night. I haven't unpacked my car yet, and can't even find my camera!

I was demonstrating the way a Golden Eagle flaps it's wings, not the courtship dance of veterinarians. :P

Weren't you glad I had all my things? Whenever anybody asked, "Does anyone have a ___ [flashlight, grocery bag, paper clip, etc.]?" I did!

~Kathi, admitting that she overpacked

Lynne said...

You should have gotten a whiff of the air wafting over the New Jersey Turnpike!! The marsh is FRESH compared to that!

It DID grow on me by the end of the weekend.

My new TV is perched on the ceiling fan watching over me.
I loves my TV...

NCmountainwoman said...

What a great post! Of course, I now have coffee all over my laptop, but every laugh was worth it. Great shots and funny narrative.

RuthieJ said...

finally.....some pictures and stories!! Thanks Susan.
It looks like you all had great weather and an awesome time.

Owlman said...

NJ smells - really? ;-) Looks like everyone had an awesome time. Bar bills can get big pretty quickly, especially if you drink the little girlie drinks with umbrellas and fruit in 'em. At that bill is mostly beer then I'm very impressed!

John said...

Salt marshes do have their own distinctive smell - basically a mix of brine and decomposing vegetation. I have come to like it because it's part of the whole salt marsh birding experience.

KatDoc said...


Don't be fooled - That "bar bill" was mostly food, with a little beer on the side. We can get pretty goofy without alcohol; I would hate to be around if we were smashed!

~Kathi, who drowned her football blues in Corona and wine

Kathiesbirds said...

I haven't been here in awhile but you ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH! I'm just playing catch up and gallicissa has a link to your post because of the celebratory dancing going on. Wish I could join you! I'm so glad you all had SO MUCH FUN!

Anonymous said...

I thought that research had proven that the New Jersey smell was from feet inside of concrete boots? Or perhaps from Jimmy Hoffa?

Patrick Belardo said...

If you think south Jersey smells, you should go to north Jersey...

Sorry I missed coming down to say "hi." I ended up working all day!!!

Mary said...

New Jersey smells "differently" but not a bad smell at all...I guess I've lived near the water too long.

I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU ALL! Only six long months to go.

nina said...

No smell-o-vision?

Gallicissa said...

Nice to see that life bird dance again. Looks like you girls had loads of fun!

Kyle said...

Heh. You should write a "Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Cape May" book. Sure sounds like y'all had a blast!

dguzman said...

"HERPES!? Lynne has herpes!"
ha ha ha!!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Jeez... how did I miss *that* tidbit about Lynne?


Anonymous said...

I transit out to Jersey everyday for work from NYC. And honestly, what is that smell? I was wasting time on Google tonight looking up "Jersey Smells" and came across this blog. Thought you would appreciate a t-shirt I made up a while back. It still makes me chuckle. It stemmed from a joke my buddy and I say every we are in Jersey together.