Saturday, October 04, 2008

Because I'm tired of debating sparrows

Thanks to Lynne, Kathi, Donald and John for trying to ID that sparrow from the previous post. I still say that it wasn't a chipping sparrow. Chipping sparrows are about the size of a chickadee. This was BIGGER. I respect opinions from others who know more than me, but I have to stand by my own opinion. I still don't know what it is...but I know what I know.
It's enough to never ever ID a sparrow on this blog again.
More views of the damn thing:

I'll say this...looks like Lynne is picking up OODLES of good sparrow ID tips this weekend!

To put our focus somewhere else....a video of Earl, our Resident Turkey Vulture:


Lynne said...

Blow it off on the id Susan. Even Doug Buri and Bob Janssen the workshop leaders argued a bit about it.

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the Earl video. What a beautiful girl. We saw 4 TV'S working on a deer carcass here in SoDak today.

I think you should sing
"I Got You Babe".
Do you have any of those furry Cher boots?

Susan Gets Native said...


You're a sweetie.

I knew the Earl video would tickle you...she's so curious!
I do NOT own furry Cher boots. But if it made Earl behave on my glove, I would buy some.

Mary said...

I love Earl. Not pretty, though. I would sing to her in a heartbeat. "Raindrops on Roses - My Favorite Things."

I don't even want to comment on little brown jobs except that Chipping Sparrows are TINY.

Susan Gets Native said...


I love her, too. And I think she might like me. As a bloated carcass inside her mew.
My Favorite Things....yep, I'll try that.
: )
You were up late last night AND tonight? WTF?

NCmountainwoman said...

The most appropriate song would be "That's What Friends Are For" from the Disney Jungle Book movie. That's what the Mop Top Vultures sang,and it's even called "The Vulture Song."

Actually, Earl might even like the video. Does he have a DVD player?