Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Calling all photogs!

I've got a favor to ask of all of you:

I am doing a 2-hour indoor program for the CNC this Friday (Called Preparing for Night), and I want to use my new lap top and projector for background. I will have all of our owls perched for public viewing and I think a nice slide show would be cool.

I have plenty of owl photos in daylight (pretty easy, when you work for RAPTOR!) but I'm short on "wild" owls.
If you have any owl photos in high resolution ( these will be projected up to six feet across!) send them to me, with your name and where it was taken, if you can remember. I will credit each photo I get.

Any gaps, I will have to fill with legally pilfered Internet finds. : )

My email:


Lynne said...

One GGO photo beaming your way!

LauraHinNJ said...


I have a really nice photo of a Barred Owl, but it's a captive (rehab) bird.

Let me know if you have any use for it.

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, Lynne!

Laura, heck yeah. Send it over and let me see.

The Swami said...

As always, Swami has a solution to your problem.

Use the photos of loons I sent you a couple of years ago. Call them owls. No one will know the difference?! The Swami certainly wouldn't.

Gallicissa said...

Susan, I take you are after North American Owl photographs. Right?

Susan Gets Native said...

We will post no loons. : )

Mary said...


I heard and saw a Great Horned Owl on my neighbor's rooftop on Tuesday morning at 5:45 am. Can't send a pic...but would if I could.

Loved that hollow hoot hoot...hoot hoot.

I was almost ready to run up the street but I was still too sleepy. Dang.

RuthieJ said...

Do you need any more GGO pics? My sissy took some really great ones during our big irruption year in MN and I'm sure she'd love to share them.
Unfortunately, I've never been able to photograph ANY owls.

kristin said...

Send an email to my Dad, who is a naturalist in Central Oregon, and who has thousands of photos of every bird of prey you can imagine! I will send you his email via your email address. He's a REALLY cool guy (80 yrs young), and I can promise you, you will not regret making a friend of him. :)