Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where to get the best damn ice cream in the world

We used a travel agent for our trip (Julie Sturgeon is her name,and I highly recommend her!) and since she herself has vacationed in the same area, she was hip to the local vibe.

In addition to finding us cheap airfare, a great hotel right on the beach, and generally being a great person, she also sent a personal letter listing all the "local" stuff to do...where to buy our groceries cheap (The Publix on one street was three times as expensive as the Publix on another street...Thanks, Julie!), nice parks for the kids, and also a Dania Beach staple since 1956:
Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor.

This place was just a little hole in the wall, but they serve ice cream they make fresh right on the premises...and they serve it in UNHOLY AMOUNTS.

Geoffs Jaxson ice cream
Geoff got some kind of sundae with about 5 cups of butterscotch on it.

The girls thought they had died and gone to Heaven:
Isabelle got a simple hot fudge sundae....but it was almost as tall as she was:
Isabelles ice cream
I think that face says it all.

(Lorelei got a single scoop of pictures of that. Boring.)
: ^ )
I'm a fan of chocolate and mint, so I ordered a chocolate mint parfait, and I haven't been seen since:
My ice cream Jaxsons
Jesus, Mary and was so delicious. And I was only able to force down about half of it.

We consumed more calories in that 30 minutes than some families consume in a whole day.
My Jaxsons creation
God bless America.


Dave said...

Gotta go. Time for an ice cream fix.

KatDoc said...

Skip the Life Birds - MORE ICE CREAM POSTS!!!!!!


RuthieJ said...

Holy Cow Susan!
(now how am I gonna get all this drool off my keyboard.......)

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh Susan. You have the best ice cream in the world right there in Cincinnati. Forget about fancy trimmings and if you evaluate the taste of the ice cream itself, Graeter's is the best.

Don't be mislead by razzle-dazzle. If you focus on the TASTE of the ice cream, Graeter's beats them all. Lorelei's vanilla may be boring, but she's the one who actually tasted the ice cream.

Mary said...

I agree with Carolyn. Lorelei is the only one who tasted the ICE CREAM. Geoff's plate of calories is making my mouth water.

I can certainly OD on ice cream.

God bless American and YOU.

NatureWoman said...

Mmmmm, chocolate mint is my favorite, too!! It all looks sooo good!

Trixie said...

Oh man, where to start? It all looks so very good and gooey. YIKES!