Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What a girl wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes you happy sets you free

The Big Trip to Florida looms...and I wanted to list the things I hope I see:

1. Anhingas
(Shamelessly swiped from Kathi's blog)

2. Manatees

3. Brown pelicans

4. Dolphins

5. Florida Scrub Jays

(And I want one to sit on my hat....this pic also stolen from Kathi)

6. Really, any bird that you can only see in Florida

7. My husband relaxed for the first time in 8 years

8. My kids playing in the surf for the first time ever

9. ZERO clothes washers or dryers, dishwashers or phones.

10. A sunset over the ocean, holding my family close to me

11. My pretty, painted beach toes buried in the sand


Lynne said...

I want all those thongs for you too!

Lynne said...

Oops! That should read THINGS not THONGS.

Well, maybe a thong...on the beach...

Susan Gets Native said...

LOL! No thongs for me, sister!

Dave said...

I want those things too, except the husband and painted beach toes and my kids are old enough to pay their own way. :)

Dave said...
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KatDoc said...

Hey! I recognize those photos!

Anhingas as a dime-a-dozen, and Brown Pelicans should be pretty easy, too, but for Florida Scrub-jays, you need to go to a very specific spot: The Lyonia Preserve in Volusa County. The trail head is accessed from a library parking lot.

As for manatees - I didn't get to see them in Jan. - too cold. I wish you better luck. If you see them, take plenty of pictures, so I can steal one.

I think if you want a sunset over the ocean in Florida, you will have to spin the earth in the opposite direction.


PS: I greeted your dogs after you dropped them off, and I swear they knew me! I got a ton of snuffles and dog-kisses from both Nellie & Hooper

Mary said...

Looming, when? I'm downright green with envy - I lived near the ocean all my life and haven't seen it in three years.

I remember those photos on Kathi's blog. I wish you birds on your hat, gulls next to your beach chair, and the best vacation of your life.


LauraHinNJ said...

Hope I'm not too late to wish you a happy vacation - hope you get everythiing you want!

RuthieJ said...

If you have to wish, then wish for everything! Hope you have a great trip Susan. (can't wait to see your pics)
P.S. How about Burrowing Owls--you gonna get to see some of them too?

Owlman said...

Lochness Monster?

Windyridge said...

Enjoy! The Anhingas are awesome!

dguzman said...

Try to see and photograph a painted bunting for me!

kristin said...

Great photos! In 2003, I moved to NC, after living in Florida for many long yrs....and I have missed seeing some of this wildlife...(I had a "crick" in my backyard). Particularly the anhingas....very cool birds.

Just dropped in to visit your blog for the 1st time...via Beth @ Look What Love Has Done. Have enjoyed the visit a great deal. Reminded me (again) how very much I need a (real) vacation. :)

God bless.