Friday, August 01, 2008

Art isn't just paint on canvas

Art comes in many forms. It might be a delicate watercolor, a photo of a desert sunset, beautiful words on a page or computer monitor.

I present two additional forms:

1. Paint on a barn:

New RAPTOR barn door
The new RAPTOR, Inc. property got a little make-over a few days ago. Marilyn, one of our board members and a seriously dedicated rehabber (of song birds and raptors), and also a retired art teacher, has been wanting to do this since the new doors went up. Charley Harper, one of the more distinctive artists of the modern age, designed RAPTOR's logo many moons ago, and the board members have always had some sort of tribute in mind since Charley's death last year.

Mouse barn door
I practically pressed my nose to the door looking at the detail. This representation is perfect.
I don't recall if she was going to use a projector, or just "eyeball it". Either way, it's a wonderful statement.

Lorelei and barn door
(Gratuitous inserting of my youngest child into photo...Isabelle declined.)

What the front of the barn looked like before:
New siding on the Red Barn
I think we now have a much spiffier exterior.

2. Photo of youth in its most lovely form:

This is Heather, my niece. This photo is part of a set that was taken for her senior pictures. Heather is, among other things, a skilled karate chick. (she started karate at age this photo, she's 18)
I don't know if I can even explain what it is about this photo that moves me. The obvious is the beauty of the subject. But the balance...the way she seems to be holding this pose effortlessly.
Maybe it's the unconventional essence of the photo. No color to distract from the fluid lines of a young girl on the brink of her future. Where is she now? A soon-to-be junior at a local college, a cheerleader, making disgustingly excellent grades, singing like a bird and stealing every scene she appears in during productions of the drama department.
God, I love that kid.

What art have you seen lately?


Kitt said...

What a great design for Raptor!

And I love your niece's photo.

Saw some neat old signs today I wanted to shoot, but it was 100 degrees out and I just couldn't bear to get out of the car.

NatureWoman said...

Ohhh, ahhh, I love the raptor art, and your niece's photo - how very cool!
Let's see, the latest art I've seen off the top of my head is very young children's art. I *love* young children's art.
And the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. The latest prairie house I toured is art in my eyeballs.

Mary said...

Susan, the Raptor design is just perfect! Your photos are so artistic and meaningful.


Your niece ROCKS. I am so in awe of female athletes. (I always wanted to be one...but I've never been THAT limber). Heather's photo speaks so much - it's so intense, and downright awesome. What a woman.

And you ask what art I've seen lately? Right here.


Dave said...

Love that logo!!!!!!!!!!

dguzman said...

Love the logo, and love the photo of your niece. Like you said, it shows balance and fluidity, but also strength and focus and a clear knowledge of where every bit of her body is and what it's doing. You know what I mean? Cool photo. The photog deserves some praise too.

Lynne said...

Umm... I'm looking at MY Art right now...


Sven said...

Good Job! :)