Monday, July 07, 2008

That sweet, sweet air!

I've been watching my two different batches of milkweed with baited breath. The common milkweed will bloom a few days from now, but the winner was the swamp milkweed IN THE MESSY, "UNATTRACTIVE", PROPERTY VALUE-DECREASING prairie. : )~

Macro swamp milkweed
I think that if I had been given the choice, I would have picked milkweed blossoms for my wedding bouquet. I bent down to get a big whiff, and it was sweet-smelling like cotton candy ice cream.

Today was one of those marathon get-the-kids-to-where-they-need-to-go, then go-get-the-birds-and-do-a-program, then a reversal of everything to get back to where I started. Since we were down to one car, all the driving was left to me. Dropped off the kids, went to RAPTOR to get owls for a "Harry Potter" program at the Cincinnati Museum Center, then drove HELL BENT FOR LEATHER back to Loveland to get the girls by 3:30. And I had to somehow squeeze three bird carriers, a cart, my dead-stuff box and both of my children into a relatively small-sized Saturn. The girls barely had enough room to get enough breath to complain.
Oh, did I mention that the Saturn's AC is going out, too? So add all the above to 90 degrees today.

Looking at Lucy helps...
Lucy up close
After two years, I still don't get tired of looking at that face. Aren't peregrines just beautiful? (And her cere, eyelids and feet are bright, sunny yellow....she's been gettin' vitamins.)

For Lynne. Sigh.
Big Girl Earl
A little test....anyone see anything up with Earl's toes?

Baby RAPTOR robin
A baby robin at RAPTOR. A RAPTOR Robin.....hee hee.

In the midst of racing with the birds back to RAPTOR (sans kids....I dropped them off with Geoff), I called the dealership to check on my car. (They have had it since WEDNESDAY.)
My car was all finished. And the AC WORKS. It freakin' WORKS!!!!!!
Why is this such a big deal? Because it has taken three summers, one hotter than the last, for a mechanic to finally figure out why it didn't work. And we finally had the moo-lah to make it happen. Life does not suck.
My Car is BACK!
(photo by Geoff Williams)
It's cold inside even when it's hot outside. Such a small thing to make a girl so sublimely happy. I will never, ever take air conditioning for granted. EVER.

Another little thing to make a girl happy: I have no programs tomorrow or Wednesday, and the girls will be at summer camp all day. Guess what Susan's gonna do????


Anonymous said...

Huge congrats on the AC! Life is worth living again. Love those milkweed flowers -- gorgeous!

Trixie said...

Ummm...I think you might bead? Maybe? And yayayayayay!!!! A/C that works. Woohoot!!!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Jeesh - glad you'll be cool again!

I love my swamp milkweed - a little messy, yeah, but the bugs and butterflies love it!

nina said...

Do you see the orange milkweed that's exploding around here?!
I've decided to add that ASAP. My milkweed patch is always a favorite place for me to explore--I'm glad yours is doing well this year!

Milkweed--a highly underappreciated plant!

Lynne said...

We have gobs of swamp milkweed growing along the creek at Hasty Brook. Do you think I could get the seeds to grow here at home?

I had to click on Earl to see- is she missing the tip of a toe? It looks like she's wearing tiny white earmuffs. Admit it Susan, deep down you think Earl is as beautiful as I do don't you?

Hurray on the AC!!


Susan Gets Native said...

I no longer feel like a stinky mildew-y dish rag. Life IS good.

I prefer the common, but I like the reddish colors on the swamp's leaves.

I have! It's gorgeous and I want some! I've been tempted to pull over on the darn highway when I see some and snatch it.

Yes, Earl is pretty in her own way. There, I said it.
And yes, she is missing a tip of one of her toes. (Frostbite a few years she has HEATED perches. What a diva)

Susan Gets Native said...

I wanted to bird, but the heat was too oppressive, so I went to the bead store.
: )

RuthieJ said...

My common milkweed is blooming all over the yard--it has a wonderfully sweet smell also.

Congrats on getting your car back -- finally with functional A/C!

dguzman said...

We have the orange milkweed going right now. And you should see the front yard (such as it is), which has turned into a Queen Anne's Lace jungle.

I love that pic of Earl--Dracula! And the peregrine photo is beautiful, Susan. What a beautiful bird.

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Looking at Lucy makes me feel so "not worthy", if you know what I mean. God what an awesome bird.