Friday, July 25, 2008

Hello. My name is...

No No and Me
(Like my shirt? Got it at Target.)

It came down to two names:
Storm and Valentino (good one, Lynne!) Cindy liked Storm because it's easy to say and it fits this bird. Valentino, while a really good name, would be hard to explain to small children. (The "Latin Lover" and all that...and St. Valentine doesn't fit this guy at all. He's a fighter, not a lover...hee hee)
So Storm it is. Thanks to all of you who voted....and Dave? Maybe for the NEXT bird, we will consider that name. : )

The other names we will revisit for the next bird. Cindy liked my suggestion of "Steel" for the male kestrel...because male AK's have steel gray wings....and when I thought of "steel", I thought of AK Steel, a nearby steel plant. See? AK? American Kestrel? Steel?
We have a female kestrel, soon to be a program bird. She was our "foster mom" until this year, when she decided that she didn't want to raise any more babies. We shall see how her personality is....probably snippy, just like the male!

Program birds I would love to work with:
1. A Northern Saw-Whet Owl. A huge amount of adorable-ness in a teeny package.
2. A Great Gray Owl. Holy cow. A bird that is almost half as tall as me? Suh-WEET!
3. A Merlin. Because most people in the public have never seen one.
4. A Turkey Vulture who actually likes me.
5. A Bald Eagle. That one is self-explanatory. But I would have to hit the weights hard...'cause they weigh 10 pounds or more. Eeep.
6. A Harpy Eagle. Just kidding. Holding one of those would make me pee my pants.


Mary said...

So there you are!!!!!

I like Storm. Easy to remember and boy is he a storm.

Target? We have a grand opening of a Super Target nearby on Sunday. Gina and I will arrive with bells on and kiss the bright new floors when we get there :o)

KGMom said...

Gee--I missed the vote. Oh well.
I would probably have lobbied for Ajax or something like that (a Greek hero).
Your readers sure do get into the voting swing, though, don't they?

Dave said...

FIXED! Just kidding. Storm is a good name. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Storm and Steel are both names that good girls imagine the "bad" boys that they dream about to be named. If these birds were people they would have longish "just so" unkempt hair and would have not shaved in 3 days.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah. Sounds good to me. So what's your point?

Mel said...

Hi there!
Say hello to Storm from me, ok?
Harpy Eagle!! Beautiful!! I saw one in Guayaquil, not close enough :(

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand, why would you not have named this owl Heinrich von Weasel?

It just seems so logical.