Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bob Marley saved my life today

8:15 am: Drop off girls at summer camp.
9:30 am: Pick up birds for program.

11:00 am: Stop at home to collect my thoughts and print out paperwork for evening's board meeting.

12:00 pm: Start my drive to Adams County Fairgrounds.
1:30 pm: Arrive at fairgrounds.

2:00-3:00 pm: Program.
3:15 pm: I get to talk on the RADIO about RAPTOR!

3:30-5:00 pm: Drive back to RAPTOR to drop off birds.
6:00 pm: Arrive at home to change clothes and knock off the stink.

6:30pm: Leave home.
7:00 pm: Board meeting.

8:00 pm: Get a call from Geoff who says that Isabelle has a problem and I am needed. Must stop at store to buy new shoes for Isabelle. And band-aids. And a frozen dinner for myself (the only meal I will have today).

9:00 pm: Get a call on cell phone about a hawk who has been living in a barn for three days, being handled and hugged by well-meaning people and being fed CANNED DOG FOOD.

9:15 pm: Arrive home and corral children to bed.
9:30 pm: Try to reach well-meaning people with pet hawk in barn. No answer. Leave a message that I will call in the morning.

10:15pm: Eat only meal of the day and chronicle my day here.

In the middle of all this, I was cross-eyed with fatigue. But just as I thought I would keel over, a Bob Marley song came on the radio. "Buffalo Soldier". Smoothed me out quite a bit.

I'm tired. Two more days of programs and then I get the weekend off. Thank goodness.


Lynne said...

Susan- I hope you're in bed by now having sweet dreams. Rest up kiddo and tell us tomorrow about the hawk in the barn and the RADIO spot!! How kuul is THAT!!

Trixie said...

That song has been in my head for DAYS! We are so connected.

Also, listen to Buffalo Soldier and think about the Banana Splits...

Anonymous said...

Ms Susan,
We have switched the hawk from canned dog food to Kibbles and Bits.

Your blog made me hungry for a buffalo sandwich.

Yours truly,

KatDoc said...

Did you forget "Pick up girls from camp" or did DH do that? Or, are the girls living in a barn and being fed canned dog food?

You and I have to have a chat about nutrition. People cannot live on energy drinks alone; they need Real Food at Regular Intervals.

Luv ya,


Mary said...

It's no wonder you were cross-eyed. A day so action-packed without food isn't good. Grab a bag of fruit, candy, and a few bottles of water next time.

I'm really wanting to find out how you handle the dog food-eating hawk and the goofs who have it!

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, crap! I forgot to get the kids!

: )

Dave said...

Slacker. :)

egretsnest said...

What a kick-back life you lead! Oh, and listen to KatDoc!