Wednesday, June 04, 2008

T'was a dark and, to hell with it

We have had back-to-back storms and humidity through the roof for the past few days. When that is paired with a broken air conditioner, you get a very...moist environment.
I hate humidity. And I am surprised the walls didn't drip with condensation these past few days.

This morning, the sirens began howling at 8 am. After the storm blew out, I looked out and saw a dark lump in the driveway. Damn.
I went out (in my bathrobe, no less) to check on it, whispering the whole time, "Please don't be a nest of babies...."
Thankfully, it was empty. And had not been used yet.

Blown out nest
Some of the grass is still green! At least the would-be parents can just rebuild.

The underside of the nest was fascinating. I've never seen one from this angle:
Bottom of nest
You can see where the nest straddled a tree branch! And I guess, that would also make an area for drainage, presumably.

Over at my Mom's, it was a little messier.
A tree, older and taller than the house, gave up the ghost.

Downed tree
The strange thing about this is that the tree next to the downed one is the unhealthy, half-dead one. Mom's tree guy said that wind will pass right by a dead tree, instead pushing down a healthy one since there is more to push against.
If you squint, you can just see Mom's house behind the trees.

Here are the girls, for perspective:
Girls and Mom's downed tree


The Swami said...

Did your logo enter the witness protection program? It keeps changing its appearance.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're all safe and sound! Hang in there -- or should I say Hang ON there!

Kitt said...

Wow. Glad that didn't land on the house!

Dave said...

Did the girls find any good worms under there?

NCmountainwoman said...

Glad you are all safe and sound. The same storms ran through Indianapolis (where my son lives), uprooting trees and flooding the streets.

And here we are in a dreadful drought!

dguzman said...

We're getting a decidedly less potent version of your storms, but the humidity is palpable and we're gonna get temps in the high 80s/ low 90s for the next couple of days. It's like springtime in South Texas--ugh!

Mary said...

Susan, if I had the power, I'd direct your storms to Charlotte. We are dry again - very dry - with heat index of 102 for the next week!

Sorry you are having A/C trouble. If my A/C went down right now, I'd have to check into a hotel

hang in there...and I'm glad you didn't have to rescue baby birds in your nightgown.