Monday, June 09, 2008


12 really cool caterpillars
*If you have a boring, manicured lawn with nothing but grass and a few non-native trees, how can you expect cool stuff like these pipevine swallowtail caterpillars, who need plants of the Aristolochia genus ?
The answer? You CAN'T!*


Faithful readers of this blog will remember that my DH Geoff has a paid-to-blog gig.
And while that still makes me grind my teeth ( I mean, I slave at this blog and no one pays me a freakin' dime) I am proud of the work he does over there.

For the first time, he has written an article that I think my blog readers will enjoy. It's his side of the story regarding my choices for the yard and prairie. He is basically on the same page as I am (he enjoys the wildlife that calls our home their home)...but a vile commenter has got me all in a tizzy.

If you love me, you will go to see the article HERE. And maybe leave a comment.


NCmountainwoman said...

Saw the article. Can't believe that buttercup person. Jeez! Don't let it get to you.

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, Carolyn. I really don't know what her problem is.
But that can be said of any TROLL.

entoto said...

I would mark it up to heat and age...just a guess. She sure does rank up there on the cranky meter.

Mary said...

Off I go...

NatureWoman said...

Unfortunately there's way too many Buttercup types and not enough of us types and therein lies one of the major problems with this country. I saw two people watering their lawns yesterday after fertilizing them to death. Uh huh, let's not only use chemicals, but now let's waste valuable water on a plant that can survive with just a small shave every once in a while.

Joy said...

I don't think I've ever commented, but I read your blog (or check it) every single day. I am passionate about birds and raptors in particular. I love, love LOVE your blog. I looked at your husband's article and the comments. That buttercup person is an perfect example of the problems with humanity destroying our planet. How can someone criticize a habitat? I don't get it. My hubby has got a green thumb and our yard is amazing. We've got birds of all kinds, lizards, snakes, racoons, a pond. I love it. It's totally therapy. And we have no rats, no cockroaches, nothing of those things. They get eaten. It's too bad that people continue to kill all the beneficial creatures in our world. Makes me so sad.

I'm happy your property is the way it is. I'm grateful you post your blog and share your stories and pictures. Keep on! And thank you for it.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah, she has her panties in a knot, doesn't she?

Sic 'em, girl!

We have to change our thinking, and the thinking of our fellow humans. The time for the old ways is OVER.

Thank you so much for commenting! I know there are lots of people who read my blog every day, but I only have a few crazy-types who comment regularly! Please comment sound like one of us.

Anonymous said...

I will check out his link and maybe he will get paid more! Want me to click on a bunch of links I am normally ignoring? BTW: love your baby swallowtails!

RuthieJ said...

Geoff & Susan, you ROCK! I'm sure our neighbors same the same stuff about my yard as I enjoy my acres of lovely yellow dandelions and they see the dandelion seeds blowing into their chemically treated yards. I swore off all chemicals of any kind many years ago after watching my dog have a seizure after she walked through the neighbor's ChemLawn treated yard.
You guys just keep doing what your doing and hopefully others will continue to "see the light" before we completely self-destruct.