Thursday, May 22, 2008

How do I trump that?

Julie chimed in on the Innard Spree from yesterday: cottontail killed by a canine. I concur.
Do I have a choice? I mean, it's Julie Freakin' Zickefoose. : )

After my walk through a CSI episode yesterday, I did the trail loop and ended up at the kiosk for the Clermont County Parks.
It's always interesting to come across a sign about me (well, a program I will be doing):

A sign about me
If you are in the area of Chilo Lock #34 on June 28th, stop by and meet me and our birds.
But I'm wondering how I will even stand a chance against the program coming up after mine that day:

Sign about Sam the Eagle
Sam the Bald Eagle from the Cincinnati Zoo. If I am not mistaken, this is the bald eagle who does flight demonstrations at Reds baseball games.
What can I do with "my" birds that will be as memorable as a freakin' bald eagle?
I mean, seriously.


Trixie said...

yes, but Sam does not have you!

KatDoc said...

Teach them to retrieve a Frisbee. That oughta show ole Sam who's the top bird in the mew.


Anonymous said...

Competing against a Bald Eagle will be a challenge, but that is over a month from now.

Surely, given that much time, you can teach a Barn Owl to play the banjo.

Anonymous said...

Sam is "only" an eagle - you will have an OWL!

NCmountainwoman said...

If you can't beat the bird, beat the bird handler. Might be time to pull out the old majorette uniform, complete with boots.

Mary said...

Each of these comments are cracking me up! You are too talented to lose any competition, Susan. Find a Banjo! LOL!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Wakk! I'll loan you Charlie, the chestnut-fronted macaw, who poops on command. That'll wow 'em.

Dave said...

I see presentations all of the time and I watch every one of them as intense as the first. Balds are exciting but then so are owls and hawks and so on. If you know your presentation well, Sam doesn't have a chance.