Thursday, May 29, 2008

Collective nouns

Collective Nouns

"Parliament" is the generally accepted word for a group of owls, but I've found some really fun ones:

A bazaar of Owls
A hooting of Owls
A looming of Owls
A stooping of Owls
A brood of Owlets
A diss of Owls
A sagaciousness of Owls
A stare of Owls
A wisdom of Owls
A stable of Barn Owls
A jail of Barred Owls (I like this one!)
A prohibition of Barred Owls
A schizophrenia of Hawk Owls (?????!!!!! Are hawk owls crazier than other owls?)
A volery of Little Owls
A blizzard of Snowy Owls

That is a whole lot of collective nouns for a bird family that rarely gather in groups larger than one bird.

Anyone ever come across any neat collective nouns for birds of prey?


Anonymous said...

"Parliament" is cool! Why am I suddenly thinking of George Clinton?

Dave said...

Thanks for putting that together Susan. I can use that in my presentations. I'll even mention a thanks to you. :)

The Swami said...

An Asylum of Loons?

dguzman said...

I don't know, "murder of crows" kinda says it all.

Who comes up with this stuff? "sagaciousness" of owls? Gimme a break!

NCmountainwoman said...

My favorite is a wake of buzzards. I imagine them circling the dead and dying, holding a wake until it's safe to descend upon them.

I also like a convocation of eagles. I've seen them gathering on the headwaters of the Mississippi and they really do appear to be a convocation.

I know a group of hawks is a kettle (or cast) but don't know why.

A group of falcons is also a cast.

And a group of Goshawks is a flight. (I think there should be a more dramatic name for a group of such impressive birds.)

NCmountainwoman said...

Are you going to post an answer to your Friday Feathers of May 23? Yes, a week ago. Especially for those of us who couldn't make a guess because all our potential answers vocalize more often than the breeding season.

Susan Gets Native said...

I posted the answer at the beginning of the "No No and Earl" video. It was a peregrine falcon.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for the answer. I reviewed the post and still didn't find it. I must be overlooking it somehow.

KatDoc said...

Neat! "Parliament" is the only one I had ever heard of before. I like "blizzard" of Snowy Owls, and there is something to be said for "diss," as in, "Don't be dissin' my owls, now."

I like collective nouns. I had a whole "collection" of them, if you'll pardon the phrase, once upon a time, and now I can't find it any more.


PS: Your dogs are doing fine.

Mary said...

Odd, don't think I've heard these... but I've been living with my head somewhere else, for the most part :o)