Sunday, April 27, 2008

Say What You Will

I was planning this post all day, and it seems that Mary beat me to the idea.
But that's okay.
I wasn't able to transfer this song from my Napster thingy to my blog, so I had to resort to YouTube.
There are a few misspellings, but the song grabs you anyway.

This is for Lynne.


Lynne said...

Susan, that just took my breath away.
Thank you.
I love you too.

Mary said...

That's a very powerful song, Susan. Beautiful.

RuthieJ said...

A good reminder Susan, thanks for sharing this.

Susan Gets Native said...

I have loved this song since I saw it on a TV show. It rings in my head all the time. And since Lynne's sister's passing, it really hits home.
Life is too short. We all need to tell our loved ones how we feel.