Sunday, April 20, 2008

Come on down!

I just got off the phone with one of the coordinators of the first annual Queen City Bird Festival at the College of Mount St. Joe here in Cincinnati, on May 3rd. They asked if RAPTOR would like to be a part of it, and I responded with a resounding, "Heck Yeah!". It started out as a small event to sort of coincide with International Migratory Bird Day, but it has grown substantially. Some of the events are bird walks, a blessing of the Clifford Bird Observatory, bird banding demonstrations and of course me and the raptors.
There will also be food, music, vendors...a very fun time, if you ask me.

We talked a good long time, and it turns out that it is this guy:
David Russell OOS and Larri
David Russell, a professor of ornithology I saw at the Ohio Ornithological Society Owl Symposium last year. The bird he is holding is Larri. That's Larri with an I (a female)...a very old education great horned owl at Houston Woods.
The birding world in Ohio is very, very small. ( A story about just how small in a later post)
What a funny guy. His wife is an associate professor at Mt. St. Joe, and is also a bander. Now that's an interesting couple.
So if you are in the area, and want to come have a good time please come on by!
May 3rd, 2008
College of Mount St. Joe and the Motherhouse
5701 and 5900 Delhi Road
Cincinnati, OH

And if you haven't met any of RAPTOR's birds yet, I will have them perched out for the public. Come and learn some cool stuff, get some great pictures of live birds of prey.

(You can come by and meet me, too....)

: )

By the way, the Owl Prowl at the Spring Grove Cemetery will be that night. A full day of birds.

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Mary said...

Susan, sounds great. I've been dreaming of watching you in action for a long time. I'll be in MD that weekend but I will see you one day...

I remember you once telling that your Raptor received a hefty grant or an inheritance. Have you all received it yet?