Monday, March 17, 2008

An unexpected reaction to a program, and a video

The vast sea of kindergarten faces was just great today. Isabelle was beaming like the sun, watching her Mommy do her thing.

The one thing that made today's program different from others was this: About halfway through my talk, one of the kids barfed all over the third row. The poor little guy was ushered out of the gym and a janitor was summoned to remove the puddle of over-excitement.

This is my first vomited-on presentation. I'm not sure if I should be honored or horrified.
: )

A video of one of two pileated woodpeckers working the trees above RAPTOR today:



Rachel said...

Wow, awesome video!

mon@rch said...

The kids always seem to barf at the wrong moments! Lets hope it was the first and last time they do that to you! Still waiting for the video to load . . will see in a few minutes!

Kitt said...

Aw, poor kid. I can see the blurbs for your next presentation now: "So exciting you'll barf!"

Nice video. Such a handsome red cap on that fellow.

Mary said...

Cool video! I haven't seen a pileated woodpecker yet.

I've had opportunities for jobs in a few elementary schools over the years but I just couldn't do it because of the vomiting.

KatDoc said...

Are you sure it was barf, and not regurgitation of a pellet? I'm somewhat disappointed in you, Susan. A true Science Chimp would have dissected the pile to find that the child had recently dined on hot dogs, cheese puffs, and Twinkies.

~Kathi, who can't stand vomiting, in any species

dguzman said...

He was just impersonating a turkey vulture for Lynne!

Mel said...

Well, working with kids can be an extraordinary experience, hahaha...
Nice woodpecker!