Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stuck Stick

Here we are in Pennsylvania. Laura is here, too.
It's a mini-Flock gathering!
I would show you great pictures from today, but my memory stick is stuck in my lap top and not in a way that I can pull photos out of it.
The drive here was really nice, even though most of it was in pre-dawn darkness.
Pennsylvania has beautiful rounded almost-mountains, with soaring vistas...I would come over a hill and it was so high that it made my heart fall down into my colon.
Tomorrow, we are headed out to Delia's for a bit of birding, and if she lets me borrow a screwdriver I can get my memory stick out. So you will have to wait.

My day so far:
Awakened at 2:30 am, left house at 3:00 am.
Drove 7.5 hours to Penn State.
Tried to check into my hotel early, but they wouldn't let me. But they let me use a DIRTY room to change my clothes. Yuck.
Went to my car to work on my make-up. Fell asleep for 30 minutes.
Laura called and is driving in circles looking for the ceremony. I also drove in circles, looking for her.
Finally found a parking space and walked 100 miles to ceremony.
Walked in circles until I found Laura.
Just as we got to the right room, the doors opened. The ceremony was already over, and there were Kat and Delia.
Finally checked into my hotel room. Laura found a hotel room down the street.
Met up with Delia and Kat again and had dinner.
Back to hotel and yelled at lap top for eating my memory stick.
Now, shower and fall comatose until tomorrow morning.
I have so much to write about, but I will save it until I am more coherent and can do it justice.
The bottom line is that we are having a blast and Laura and I are glad we came.


Geoff Williams said...

Very glad to hear it, Susan. And everything's going great over here. The girls are completely listening to me and they haven't taken over the house.

(Your husband, who managed to get his gag off and one of his arms untied, to type this.)

Mel said...

Hope you can rescue the memory stick soon and post some of your always cool pics!
Drive safe ;)

ncmountainwoman said...

Somehow using a screwdriver on your computer just doesn't sound like a good idea.

And definitely don't go after the memory stick until you "are more coherent."

We're glad you are having a great time.

Anonymous said...

you can send some of your vacation room photos to

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Mary said...

Sounds great, Susan! Go easy on that laptop...

We'll see and hear more later...

dguzman said...

Oh dear, the poor laptop. I don't understand (and didn't even think to ask) why or how it got stuck in there.

So glad you were there, though!