Thursday, March 20, 2008

She can't take it back now!

Happy Spring First to one and all! We made it!
Even if Mother Nature throws snow at us, she can't take back Spring!
Today....53 degrees, dry and sunny. Glory.

GHOW lake isabella brooding
Mama GHOW is brooding...she is way high up in the nest, obviously getting crowded up there with those new fuzzy owlets.

RAPTOR in the sun wasn't any better looking fact, the water was higher:


Covered Bridge is only a few feet above the water line. I have a phobia of driving on bridges over water, so I hit maximum speed when I cross here.

The birds are still in carriers high up in the barn, and they seem to be taking it okay:

This is WAY too pink for me

"I appreciate the dry quarters, but this carrier is way too pink for me."

Poor Earl...she would rather be out picking through our hair, instead of being cooped up.

Poor Earl

Lucy's just fine. I think blue is her color:

Lucy carrier flood

An interesting find in the driveway...disconnected frog's legs:
Who wants Frog Legs
"Okay, everyone. Who wants the thigh?"


Lynne said...

Happy Spring Susan! I'm glad you got sunshine today.

Poor Earl. She looks like she needs some extra lovin'

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Susan the poor birds. I do hope all is drying out now. That storm was wicked bad.

Happy Spring to you too.

RuthieJ said...

Oh Susan, I hope your flood waters recede soon and there's not a lot of damage left behind.
Happy Spring to you also (at least we had 1 nice day before winter came back!)

nina said...

Happy Spring!

Glad to see you've not floated away in the creek!

The Swami said...
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The Swami said...

The last photo looks like it could be a spilled serving of Frog & Fiber.

dguzman said...


egretsnest said...

Glad things are drying out!

Mary said...

Poor birds look like their doing OK in their little pet crates. I hope the 50's stay around and the sun bakes away the flooding.

Happy Spring, Susan! Old Man Winter is finished packing the punches.

And Happy Easter, too!