Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Chionophobia: the fear of snow. I think the superintendent of our school system has it.
I mean, we got what, TWO INCHES of snow? Three, tops? And not ice-crusted, heavy snow. Fluffy, easy to remove snow. Jesus.
So my planned day of birding and relaxing turned into Romper Room. Anyone remember Romper Room?

GHOW nest 022008
Mama GHOW is still sitting. It won't be long now...she is on Day 23, so about a week to go.
This could have been a great photo....if I had my camera.

lotsa goldfinches
All the birds are revved up, either to just survive the next night or to fuel up for their upcoming migration. I find myself staring longer and harder at the juncos this time of year. One day, they will be gone...until next winter. (I almost got a picture of 20 goldfinches on the Big Feeder....if I only had my camera.)

Bored Hooper
Hooper was unimpressed.

And then the yodeling began. If I had my camera, I could show you video with sound of his yodeling.

Did anyone watch the eclipse tonight? I did. And got this nifty photo. If I only had my camera.

Update on my camera: I was told by my "insider" that repairs are finished and I should have it back soon. God, I hope so.


LauraHinNJ said...

He is a cute dog - camera or no!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but just before packing it for shipment back to the store, I dropped your camera. It will be another couple weeks.

Igor Insider

Trixie said...

Hooper is so pretty! And we couldn't see the eclipse because of the clouds. Oh, well.

I like how Momma GHOW looks like she's got antennas.

Amy said...

That's it--I have to Google owl nesting barrels. The moon was beautiful tonight! If it wasn't so cold I woulda stayed outside to watch the whole eclipse.

Mary said...

Has to be Swami torturing you about the camera.

Of course I remember Romper Room. I probably watched it when the show was new!

Your kids have had a lot of snow days this year. It gets old after a while, I know.

beth said...

Snow - it's all about liability. It just take one accident involving a school bus and the district would be sued into oblivion. They don't want to take the risk.

NatureWoman said...

Yup, I remember Romper Room. And I hope your camera comes back totally fixed this time, or else, it's a new camera for you!!
P.S. Tell Swami to blog!

Lynne said...

Heck yeah, I grew up with Romper Room and Miss Betty. It must be nice to have a rant induced insider to help track your camera. Hope it's back soon. That Hooper really is a pretty dog.

Owlman said...

Nice GHO. I went looking for some on RTH nests around here and struck out. Spoke to a couple of folks and it seems to be hard to track them down this year.

RuthieJ said...

What a cool pic of Mrs GHOW on the nest!
Don't you love that nyjer feeder? It's so cool to see all those finches at one time (sometimes I even get a few juncos perching on mine).
Hooper is a very handsome dog. Hope you can share a yodeling movie when you get your camera back.

Susan said...

I forgot about the eclipse until the next morning - bummer!