Monday, February 04, 2008

Anyone remember the weird "gravel circles" I found recently at East Fork Lake?
I was there today, and the circles are still there, albeit blurred by rain and wind. Well, you know what the arrow in the circle was pointing toward?

Deer skull

A deer skull on a pole, in the middle of a meadow. Is it just me, or does that creep you out?

To cleanse your brains of all that creepiness, here's some goose yoga:

Goose Yoga
(The white one is trying to do the "Side Crow Pose")


LauraHinNJ said...

That's a really hard pose!


NatureWoman said...

Ewwwww, that is really creepy.

Glad you cleansed our brains of that with a cute bewd photo.

Lynne said...

Very creepy skull...

Is that goose yoga or a Kung-Fu goose getting ready to go "hiii-YA!"

KGMom said...

I'm with you--creepy is right. What on the earth goes on at East Fork Lake?

donaldthebirder said...

I have seen just about everything there - at EF. I have been cornered a few times. Why? I blogged about this a couple times myself see - here and here here

Mary said...

LOL! Deer skulls and goose yoga. Where else can anyone see this?