Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I've got my EYE on you

I ask again....why did I offer to do 365 posts this year? I feel the need to rebel against that.
But until I am just 100% dry, I will continue to try and pull posts out of my you-know-what.

I haven't birded in a while, so no bird pictures or stories.
The kids haven't done anything especially cute lately.

I recently discovered Picnik on Flickr. It's fun to warp photos. I cropped a picture of myself down to just one of my eyes, then I played:

The original:
eye 1

My "Warhol" period:

My fiery, slightly insane period:

My "way too sharpened" period:
Too sharpened

And my "just really, really EVIL" period:
Just evil

Think of that last one as you fall asleep tonight. Sweet dreeeeeeemsssssssssss.


Anonymous said...

Another EYE-deal post, honey.

(This is from your husband who is having trouble leaving my comment, hence the anonymous tag.)

Susan Gets Native said...

Good Lord, Geoff. Don't comment on this blog! You're libel to give me a heart attack!
(I signed on while at your computer, so you have to sign me out and sign yourself in. Do you even remember how to do that? You non-blogging fool)

Trixie said...

Hee hee hee...

Geoff is funny! He beat me to the pun.

Heavens, Susan. Must you really post the demon eye? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Who could sleep after that!

mon@rch said...

flickr does have some fun toys!

dguzman said...