Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girly-girl party and a new cat

We had a birthday party for Lorelei yesterday at Mom's. I can't believe Miss L is FOUR (well, as of 4 pm tomorrow).

Lorelei front door

Birthday girl
She dressed a ball gown.
It's all about the fashion. And purse. And jewelry. And shoes.

I found THE perfect cake for her:

Barbie cake 1
A Barbie (tm) cake. A real Barbie stuck into a big cake:

Barbie cake 2
The doll is sitting in a plastic tube, and when you pull her out, she isn't all gunky with icing.
The dress is the cake. That is brilliant. Four layers of chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. My glucose levels still haven't come down.
Isn't that cute???
(I like that the Barbie isn't Caucasian. We need color in our lives. I call her "Guadalupe Barbie".)

Big news at the Mom's house:
A new cat.
Now, if you know my Mom personally, you know that she has been very adamant about no more pets. Bailey, her Manchester terrier, has been just fine for her and that's that. We had cats and/or dogs while I was growing up, but after my Dad died, she said no more animals. But.

My SIL found this cute cat outside (when it was like 5 degrees) and started taking care of it.
Mom resisted a whole 2 days before asking my SIL to bring the cat over. Next thing we know, there's a litter box in the basement and Fancy Feast in the pantry.
And Mom's all, "Who's a pretty boy? Who's a pretty boy? Wuzza wuzza wuzza...."

Mom Spot and Bailey
His name is Spot. Bailey is unsure of this, but seems to be willing to adapt to this strange fuzzy thing.
This is one cute kitty. Loving, happy, calm, always has the motor running...
He has short hair, white with black spots.....
But his tail looks like it used to be on the end of a raccoon:

Spot on toilet
Welcome to the fam, little kitty. You hit the Jackpot.


Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Lorelei!

Love birthday cake. Especially for breakfast...

That's a lucky cat.

mon@rch said...

Happy 4th birthday Lorelei!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Lorelei! And, welcome to the family, Spot. :)

bobbie said...

Happy Birthday to Lorelei. I made my oldest a Barbie cake way back in 1965. I think that was the year. Aren't they the most wonderful cakes!

RuthieJ said...

Belated Happy Birthday Lorelei! Your Barbie cake is beautiful.

Amy said...

Fantastic cake with a nicely PC Barbie!

That cat found the right family. Spot's in for a world of good (c: