Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Dogs and their Favorite Things Meme

Okay, so Mary interviewed her pets, so I had to do it, too.
I have so many pets to choose from. We have the cats, the dogs, the fish, the rats, the dove, the parakeet...So I chose the dogs. They are effervescent enough to be interviewed, right?

1. What are your favorite songs?
HOOPER: "Silly woman. We are dogs."
Hooper investigates the lens

2. What are your favorite toys?

NELLIE: "I like my soccer ball...that doesn't have any air in it. I don't like any balls that have air. I like them sqooshy."
Nellie raspberry

HOOPER: "Toys are beneath a dog of my stature. And I don't have the energy that toys involve, anyway."
Hooper sings opera
"I do occasionally chew on a cat or two. Not to hurt them....just to hear them squeak."

3. What are your favorite foods?

NELLIE: "I likes that yummy fish oil that Auntie Kathi gave me for my itchies. And I like Auntie Julie's Suet Dough. That little kid here, Lorelei? She drops a lot of chicken tenders and I like those, too."

Nellie the dentist
"And Hooper's breath is pretty fantastic, too."

HOOPER: "I like it food, people food, crayons, cardboard, kitty crunchies..."

4. What are your favorite activities?

NELLIE: "I am the original party animal:

Basket case
I like to roll around in the yard and get smelling real good. Raccoon poop is the best. But Mama doesn't like that smell."
Nellie rolling
"I really like to run for the back door when the tree swallows are out in the yard. They scare me and I have to run with my eyes all squinchy."
Nellie the Chicken Dog

Nellie kisses Lorelei
"These kids taste really good sometimes. I like to help clean them up, because their parents let them run around with food all over them. I'm doing a service here."

HOOPER: Sleep. Eat. Pass gas (Chet, you got nuthin' on me, dude). Get the "Gritties".

5. What are your bad habits?

Poor unloved puppy
HOOPER: "I'm lazy."

Tongue hanging out
NELLIE: "Sometimes I drool when I sleep."

Ol' Geezer Dog update: He was perkier this morning, after a night being cared for and fed and given lots of soft blankets, and I took him to our local shelter. I hope his family is looking for him. He's a sweet dog.

And to reiterate Kathi's comment from last night: PUT ID ON YOUR DOG! Whether it's a microchip or a tattoo or just some tags....just do it! That dog would have been back with his family last night if he had had some ID on him.


Mary said...

Nellie's party animal hat made me howl! I'm amazed at how well Nellie does with the revolving pet door you have there. That dog is priceless. An angel.

I hope the Old Geezer is home, safe and sound.

dguzman said...

Brilliant. I need to spend a little time interviewing the Nibble. His schedule is just so damned busy, though.

I hope Old Geezer makes it home!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What lovely dogs you have. Maybe you can do the meme for your cat so all the cat lovers can participate too.

bobbie said...

What a great idea. Everyone should interview their pets. I'll bet it would make much more interesting reading than when some of us interview one another.
Love your dogs! And, yes, I too hope that Old Geezer makes it home soon.