Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm posting late tonight because I was busy fooling with a new gadget I received. I do online surveys and you can save up points for stuff. I saved for about 2 years and got a free MP3 player. It's not much, but it was free. The manual was originally written in Korean, then translated into French, and then into English. Some stuff got lost in the translation, obviously.

Random photos from the last few days (I am feeling better, by the way):

Quite possibly the cutest fungus evah!

Quite possibly the cutest fungus EVER

This adorable little thing is growing out of a log in the front yard.

With being sick, and then watching a big snow storm blow through, all I had to occupy myself was take pictures of one of my cuties:

I can't believe I created this kid


Did I really create this child?

I whisper sweet nuthins into duckies ears
"I whispers sweet nuthins into duckies ears."

Knowing that snow was on the way, I thought the girls would like to help me make a gingerbread house. This was a first for all of us.
Gingerbread house 1
They said they wanted to help.
They just want to eat the candy!
But they just wanted to eat the candy.
Drop that, Isabelle! That's part of the front door!

Almost done
This is a messy job.
(The pop cans are holding the house up while the icing sets.)
It looked really good, if I do say so myself.

Then I goofed. I moved it.

...and somewhere in Candy Land, a great earthquake shook the little folks and their houses. And there was much wailing and suffering.

And then it died
Gingerbread houses are not known for their durability. Crap!

Momma your house died or sumfin
"Momma...I think your housie died or sumfin."


Trixie said...

WOW! It looks like a 9 on the richter scale! Very cute. I hot glue the structure together, then hide the glue with loads of icing.

I am so glad you are feeling better. I tried to leave a comment the other day, but it was rejected. Darn!

How was the storm?

Lynne said...

Glad you're feeling better and sory about the building collapse! Liza's glue-gun idea sounds like a good one.

You don't need a car rental.. I will be your personal driver.

Lynne said...

...oops...I meant Trixie...

(hotel winter rates are pretty cheap)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good that you are feeling better. It is awful to be sick anytime but during the holidays it is worse.

We have that same mushroom in our garden right now. Your picture is much better than mine.

Beautiful little girls.

I think your cat is saying "What is all the fuss about?"

NatureWoman said...

Glad you're feeling better Susan! I love the little cup fungus! And your beautiful daughters. I love your gingerbread house before the earthquake!

The Swami said...

Re: exhibit A, The Gingerbread House.

I believe you have grounds to sue the contractor.

donaldthebirder said...

I used to have Bird's Nest Fungus in my front yard. I don't know what happened to it.

Anonymous said...

The most important part of a ginger bread house is the togetherness of building it. So you accomplished that wonderfully. And given that the house fell apart with pieces intact, all you have to do is put it together again.

Just from the glance, I suspect you did not use enough icing to glue the sides together.

KatDoc said...

Urgent News Bulletin
Dateline, SW Ohio:

FEMA has been called to the site of a tragedy. An earthquake has destroyed the home of Fred and Ginger Bread. No injuries were reported. Luckily, the homeowners were out shopping for Christmas presents for their little tarts and cookies at the time of the disaster.

There has been some implication of shoddy workmanship or an inexperience contractor being partially to blame for the instability of the home. One report seems to indicate a partially eaten-away foundation contributing to this catastrophe. The Breads have contacted a lawyer in this case, and were unavailable for comment.

~Channel 12

Mary said...

Susan, your posts make me cry and laugh. LOL! I'm guilty of marginal home building, too. I attempted one Gingerbread House and it collapsed. But your narrative is hysterical.

Sure, they ONLY wanted to eat the candy. I know, I know...

Glad you are feeling better!

dguzman said...

We do the gingerbread house thing every christmas--I'd never done it before I met Kat, but it's a tradition for her and Em, so now I'm in it too. Sorry for your building collapse; definitely an earthquake of epic proportions!

I love those Birds' Nest fungi--we have them in the courtyard here at work, but I've never seen 'em at my house. They are definitely the cutest fungus evah!