Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cursing, cussing, swearing, bad words, blue language, off-color, four-letter words, obscenity, expletive, vulgar, profanity, barracks talk, bawdy...

It was brought to my attention that some of my language on this here blog may or may not be offensive. I didn't think so, but I did a search of certain "keywords" on my blog and this is what I came up with:

Word & Number of posts in which it appears
  • Porn: 9
  • Sh*t: 4
  • Damn and Dammit: 26
  • A** or A**hole: 24
  • *F* word: 0
  • Hell: 20
  • Crap: 10
So, my question to all of you for tonight is this:
At any time, during your reading of my blog for the last 2 years, did I ever offend you with a "bad word"? I honestly want to know. So here's your chance to let me have it.

Want to hear something that I find offensive?
Last night, while waiting for Shannon and Jake at the zoo, the girls and I walked into the Garden of Peace. It is a beautiful garden near the Bird House, that represents habitat of Israel. There are lovely statues, and with it being the Festival of Lights and Hanukkah, the garden was full of blue lights. A group was singing some Hebrew songs, and it was a peaceful scene with people huddled together under umbrellas and sharing a moment of beauty.
A group of teenagers walked by, and I heard one of the girls say loudly, "Hey. There's JEW corner."
This was said with a strong air of disdain.
I whipped around and hissed, "What did you say?!" and she gave me a half-disgusted, half-frightened look and they walked away.

So, what do you consider offensive?


mon@rch said...

I had to visited KGMom's post again and gave your page a rate and it appears your site is rated a G site! I think you have nothing to worry about! Your style is what we love about your blog!

Grace, Every Day said...

You have NEVER been offensive. Funny, yes. Offensive, no.

What do I consider offensive? The guy at the Richmond Symphony 'Come and Play' concert (featuring public school students - including mine - playing classic pieces alongside the symphony members) who berated and cursed at the mom seated behind him because she wouldn't 'control her children'. Three kids, six and under, cute and quiet. Feet on the seats or something. Nice, calm woman. Obnoxious a**hold of a man.

That's offensive.

You, on the other hand, are awesome.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Hell no, you've never offended me! :)

And, good job on calling the teens on their offensive behavior.

Trixie said...

Ummm...I work in a warehouse. I hear worse EVERYDAY at work. Although, nothing as bad as the teenager at the zoo.

And a plug for the Garden of Peace, it is beautiful. It also has a cool mosiac and a psuedo-archeological dig in it. Very nifty.

Mary said...

I'm glad you remarked to that young girl!

You have never offended me and I have never found your blog to be offensive. Hey, I fling a lot of cussin', too!

Rurality said...

Hey it's your blog! You can say what you want. It doesn't offend me.

But some people may not be able to view it if they have filters turned on... My relative who's a teacher used to show our animal pics (on the blog) to her class sometimes. But I had to be careful about the language -- the slightest little thing, even in comments, would trip those filters.

dguzman said...

Oh STFU! As if!

Beth said...

Your postings are certainly colorful (and fun) but not offensive. A great many of them are also informative and educational - people would truly miss out if they skipped your blog because of alleged offensive content. Blog away - as Rurality said, it's your blog!

Anonymous said...

Nope. And I must say, I don't understand why anyone would feel obliged to mention it if you did say something offensive.

Reading a blog, like many other things, is not forced upon anyone. Life is way too short to read a blogger whom one finds "offensive."

So, of all the things in life that may concern you, omit this one. Just continue to be yourself. It isn't as if you are forcing your writing upon anyone. We all come looking for it!

Keep up the great blog.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I only dislike those words if they are directed "at" me. Blog away little lady. I am sure if you offend someone they just will stop reading. It will be their loss.

Geoff Williams said...

Susan's husband here, and hey, hey, let's not get too rough on the person who said that they were offended. It's a family member who inspired this post, and while I'm not that family member, I have to admit, I, too, wish my wife used less, um, salty language. But I fully admit that I've never been one to curse (OK, unless I'm angry or stressed, as Susan knows). But I agree that Susan has a terrific blog, and I don't know if this family member is offended by the language--it's not just something this person wants to read. I know I'm not offended. I just am not crazy about the cursing--it kind of brings me "out" of the blog for a moment, if that makes sense. But maybe I look at things differently, since I write for a living.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

I am new to your blog and enjoy it very much. I have never found it offensive. One thing that I admire most about people is being truthful and speaking their minds. So be yourself, keep up the good blogging and screw those who think your offensive. Let them read something that suits their boring lifestyle.

Anonymous said...


I love your blog. I've never commented, but I read your blog everyday. It's fun and entertaining, and you've made me think, laugh, cry, and always leave me wanting more.

Derogatory comments generally are offensive and are meant to be just that.

You, using certain words or phrases are not derogatory and they enhance your stories. They are part of your personality, a part of you and also what makes your blog so much fun.

NatureWoman said...

Your blog soooo doesn't offend me Susan. You're the best, you say it like it is, and keep it up. What offends me. The same stuff as you, ignoramus young people who make comments like that, or that think old people should be dead. There was a 20 year old that said that to my Mother the other day and I would have totally "taken her to the woodshed" if I had no self control. Like I freakin' need to lose another parent right now!

nina said...

The words we choose to use, each of us, characterize who we are, just as our clothes create the image we choose for ourselves. How we communicate is simply another form of defining ourselves.
I choose not to use words that you may be comfortable with. And you may choose not to use words I would.
But, as these blogs should reflect the most genuine thoughts and not require anyone to censor their impassioned feelings--you're allowed.
Anything less would be phony.

RuthieJ said...

Hey Susan, it's your blog and you should be able to say whatever you want because that's who you are.
What really offends me is that for whatever reason, a lot of people just say whatever they want anymore (like the teen at your Garden of Peace) and it doesn't matter who's nearby to hear it. Apparently respect for others isn't something that a lot of people are learning or practicing anymore.
(excuse me now while I stumble off this soapbox...)

LauraHinNJ said...

Ah Susan - that saltiness just makes you even more lovable to those of us who know you!

Kudos to you for speaking up to those girls - they need to know, obviously, that that type of comment is inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

You are writing what you feel so as far as I am concerned you can say what ever you feel like. If someone disapproves they do not have to read on.