Sunday, November 04, 2007

A conversation heard in the back seat of the car...and a few pics

The scene: In my car, with both girls in the back.

Isabelle: Mommy, did you know that Dylan S. got in trouble at school for saying a bad word?
Me: (leaning forward trying to make a left hand turn) Yeah, I remember you telling me that.
Isabelle: He said DAMMIT.
Me: (Sigh) I know, honey.
Lorelei: He say DAMMIT?
Isabelle: Yeah, he said DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT...
Me: Um, girls...?
Isabelle: DAMMIT isn't a really really bad word. There are words that are really really bad.
Me: (Crap. Please don't tell me any!)
Isabelle: I don't even know any really really bad words, so I can't use them, right Mommy?
Me: That's right, honey.
Isabelle: But I know DAMMIT!
Lorelei: What DAMMIT?
Isabelle: He just kept saying DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT....
Lorelei: DAMMIT?
Me: GIRLS!!!

And now, the pictures:
We celebrated Isabelle's 6th birthday at my Mom's house yesterday. Mom lives just outside the boonies in Indiana and deer are as common as squirrels. She usually only feeds them in the winter, but the drought has really hit the deer hard, so she takes pity on them.
They are practically tame:

Mom and deer
"Come on, human. Drop that bucket and run."

The young ones are always fun to watch:
Me too!
"I hungry, too!"

One of my better deer pics, if I do say so myself:
I has messies
"I has messies."

Playing with color swap

I found a new setting on my camera...Color swap.

The yard this morning:
I so sleepy
"I is a sleepy downy. "

And how's this for a rare moment? TWO chickadees sitting next to each other, being still for a change?
A rare moment

I picked up some birds for an early program tomorrow, and saw that our soon-to-be program barred owl was wearing jesses. Well, I had to get my hands on this gal:
female BO
I don't care who you are. Owls are fantastic. Just look at that sweet face. And manners! This owl is 100 times more polite than Elvis was. Elvis was a great bird, but this female is so sweet and calm. Not "bitey" at all. Very unusual for a barred owl.

Good ol' Elvis. And can you guess the name I came up with for the new female BO?


KatDoc said...

Love the story of your girls discovering bad words. Reminds me of when we were kids, learning that the proper name of the large earthern levy that held back Piedmont Lake was "dam." Of course, then we had the dam road, the dam gate, the dam house, where the dam keeper and his whole dam family lived. There was even a damn dam - WHOOPS! Sorry, Dad!

Even better was my conversation with my little second cousin, Sarah, when she was 4 or 5 years old, telling me how "We don't say bad words." "Oh, no?" "No. We don't say Stupid. We don't say Shut up. And we don't say Sh*t."

[Oh, don't we?]

The new Barred Owl is wonderful! Is there anything better than an owl face? Barred and Barn Owls have the greatest faces.

Delayed response to last post: Please give Isabelle a hug from me. Any lost pet is important if it is important to the one who misses it, even if it is "only" a fish, a hamster, or a turtle.


Trixie said...

Six! Holy moly! Happy B-day, Isabelle! Did she have a good birthday, dammit?

I think Priscilla needs a giant black wig.

Word verification is "jvukyebo." Sheesh!

Lynne said...

Your backseat conversation make me think of Eddie Murphy on SNL doing Gumby. "I'm Gumby- dammit!"

Happy birthday Isabelle!!

When Molly was little she made up her own swear word. It was "POOPMIX".

Liza Lee Miller said...

Dammit! My kids are learning the "real" bad words but they'll still startle me by saying, "Mom, she said the 'S' word!" In our house the "s" word is "stupid!" :)

And, nothing can make my 7 year old boy crack up faster than when one of us says, "Poop!"

Sigh. Love Priscilla -- she's a beautie!

dguzman said...

Well dammit, it's a good thing the girls know not to say dammit, dammit.

Beautiful photos! You managed to catch some really great facial expressions--nice work!

Mary said...

Those deer photos are so good, Susan! I only get to see them on the roadside. Sad, isn't it?

Well, dammit, I'm late to wish Isabelle a Happy Birthday.


NatureWoman said...

Happy Birthday to Isabelle! I love Priscilla, the bird and the name!

Amy said...

Heh. The third pic makes me think, "Whatchu lookin' at, Willis?"

Thanks for the fun pics. Congrats to Isabelle on her sixth birthday! I bet you can't wait until she learns the really fun words from older kids ;)

Dave said...

I can't tell my kids bad word story here. That Priscilla is a gorgeous bird.