Saturday, October 13, 2007

My day

Today I spent 4 hours in the beautiful Fall sunshine doing a program at Mt. Airy Forest, a Cincinnati Park.
Although "Mount" is in the name, it is not one of the "Seven Hills" of Cincinnati. If you want to impress someone from Cincinnati, memorize the names of the seven hills:
Mount Adams, Walnut Hills, Mount Auburn, Vine Street Hill, College Hill, Fairmont (now rendered Fairmount), and Mount Harrison (now known as Price Hill). Most Cincinnatians can't recite them, so give it a shot if you are ever in town.

So, anyhoo...this was a Forest Festival, and the birds were a big hit, as always.

Nearby, there was a "petting zoo" of sorts. Goats, a miniature horse, a little mule, chickens, ducks and a rabbit. You could pay a few bucks to toss corn for these really sad looking animals.

Please help me get out of here

"I'll give you a whole sack of corn if you help me get out of here."


Does a chicken really need a floofy bum?


This will pull at the hearts of all you bunny-philes:


A sweet little bunny with an empty bowl, and nowhere to snuggle into. I was tempted, more than I should admit, to grab him and run like Hell.


KatDoc said...

Hey, Susan!

You answered a question that I have always been afrid to ask - Which of the many "Mounts," "Hills," and other high places are the official "Seven Hills of Cincinnati." Thanks!


PS: Didn't you forget one?

Mount Rumpke!


Mary said...

Regarding the bunny? Me, too.

dguzman said...

Re: the bunny--me three. Poor little bubbe.

I would've grabbed a chicken too, and damn the kat-related consequences!