Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Holy crap! There IS a cheese fairy!

I drove home in a fog tonight.
No, seriously. It was really foggy.

I do a lot of driving for RAPTOR...an average of 100 miles per program. All this driving gives me time to think.
Why do "food" and "good" not rhyme?

We had a container of Parmesan cheese magically appear in our pantry. (I almost typed panty)
I was getting out some soup, and there was a whole, unopened can of Parmesan. I don't remember buying it. We have been having spaghetti without it forever. Geoff didn't buy it. When he comes home from the grocery, he has pretzels, Juicy Juice and imitation crab meat.

So. This cheese was placed there by someone not in this family. Duh duh dummmmm.
There really IS a cheese fairy! Where the Hell has she been all my life?

Don't be afraid to be different. Sameness is a snore.


Mary said...

Is the cheese still there?

dguzman said...

Boy, I don't know if I would trust this "mystery cheese" left by the Cheese Fairy. At my house, she has a habit of hiding the cheese way back in the 'fridge, and then putting it back in the little cheese drawer thingie right when it's good and moldy.

NatureWoman said...

Maybe it was swami? Either way, when you're done with the food fairy, please lend him/her to my household and let him/her fill my pantry with food!!
Don't you love finding stuff you didn't know you had? Especially money!

Trixie said...

Cheese fairy?! I wonder if she works in Alaska. I could always use more cheese.

Lynne said...

Does she leave little cheese cubes under the girls' pillows?